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Traditional culture of Izumi Ward which we want to convey in the future

Last update date September 24, 2020

Traditional culture that we want to convey in the future
For "festival music" (grow) in rhythm of "drum", "Izumi Kabuki" "Sagami kite" (hold)
―Good old tradition to remain in hometown.
We introduce activity of "spring traditional culture preservation meeting" to connect culture reaching Izumi Ward with in the future.
There is joy to connect in sincere (sincere) sa to hand down, full smile, future filled with sense of fulfilment.

What's New

We post advertisement on Sotetsu Line, Yokohama municipal subway!

For the purpose of transference domiciliation promotion to wide common knowledge, Izumi Ward of preservation, the spread, "spring traditional culture preservation fair" that succeeds, and is active of traditional culture to reach Izumi Ward,
We made advertisement. We post in the following schedules.

[Yokohama Municipal Subway]
・Advertising poster: It is October 15 from September 18
[Sotetsu Line]
・Door (sticker): From October 1 to October 31 (on account of ※ work, it may be mixed up slightly)

Please look for♪

Traditional culture preservation society

Connect tradition in the next generation

Spring traditional culture preservation society consisting of three groups of "Yokohama Izumi Kabuki preservation society" "spring folk art preservation society" "Sagami kite Izumi preservation society." We began activity taking the opportunity of business of the tenth anniversary of the Izumi Ward system. We cooperate with each other and continue activity that preservation, the succession diffuses native district culture reaching area.
Even if place where various traditional culture continues being active solves only Izumi Ward in the city, only this is not exaggeration. It is filler idekosono traditional culture in the next generation. We want to tell this wonderful native district culture to children. At first, please experience by all means. We look forward to participation as friend conveying tradition.

Spring traditional culture preservation society


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