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Citizen of the 26th Izumi Ward school festival

Last update date February 28, 2020

Was started for from October 24, 2012 to November 7; "citizen of Izumi Ward school festival gathered more than 7000 visitors during exhibition period of 15 days in the 26th in 2012, and more than 10000 various places were held as Izumi Ward's greatest culture event which gathered grandly when included participant.

Opening ceremony

In Izumi Ward government office inhabitant of a ward hall

Photograph of opening ceremony scenery

Photograph of harmonica performance at opening ceremony

On Izumi Ward the first floor of the government office

Inhabitant of a ward hall

Photograph of literary arts exhibition
Literary arts exhibition (10/24-26)

Photograph of sculpture exhibition
Sculpture exhibition (10/27-30)

Photograph of flower arrangement exhibition
Flower arrangement exhibition (10/31-11/2)

Photograph of keep-fit announcement
Keep-fit announcement (11/4)

Photograph of crafts exhibition
Crafts exhibition (11/5-7)

1A meeting room

Photograph of handicrafts exhibition
Photograph, art exhibition (10/25-28)

Kamakura carving exhibition
Kamakura carving exhibition (10/29-11/1)

In citizen of Izumi Ward culture sentateatorufonte


Photograph of drama Festival
Izumi Ward drama Festival (11/27.28)

Photograph of sign language dance
Gathering (10/30) of reading and the talk, sign language dance


Photograph of photograph, art exhibition
Photograph, art exhibition (10/25-28)

Photograph of book product exhibition
Book product exhibition (10/29-11/1)

Photograph of pressed flower exhibition
Pressed flower exhibition (11/2-11/5)

In spring public hall

Photograph of entertainment meet
Entertainment meet (10/26-28)

Photograph of chorus festival
Chorus festival (11/3)

Photograph of kids dance presentation
Kids dance presentation (11/3)

Photograph of brightness concert
Brightness concert (11/4)

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