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Last update date June 2, 2020

 About new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention, thank you for your cooperation. Emergency declaration was canceled, but virus did not disappear. We adopt new lifestyle well and will try for the infection prevention from now on.
 We had two contribution at Izumi Ward government office while it looked like it.
 The first case had you contribute wheelchair and stroller as part of anniversary commemorative project on reaching the establishment 30th anniversary from Yokohama spring Lions Club in this June.
 Properly speaking, in the case of ceremony that we were going to hold in June of the 30th anniversary, we were going to receive, but unfortunately ceremony was called off based on the situation of these days and came over to ward office directly the other day. We are going to locate in ward office to be able to use for necessary when it was done the next agency by ward office.
 And the second case received 5,000 pieces of nonwoven fabric masks from Ito industrial company.
 Ito industrial company take care of company in ward in company performing outward appearance or exterior construction, and it is at about 20 years. We had you contribute mask to ward office from thought to want to be useful for Izumi Ward. We distribute to entrance facilities of elderly person, person with a disability in ward and are going to have you inflect.
 All of Yokohama spring Lions Club, Ito industrial company, thank you very much.

June 2, 2020 Mayor Izumi Atsuko Fukagawa

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