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This is true child contact school

For children, it is important thing very that there is opportunity to play with friend varying in age. And it may be said that knowing difference in different friend and how to play age, thing that we experience how we should be concerned through play again with friends are basic experiences that they cannot lack in in growing up. However, opportunity of "play" of children varying in age decreases by progress of becoming recently declining birthrate and nuclear family. Besides, urbanization advances and lacks safe "amusement place". Therefore, "oh, for the purpose of feeding social nature and independence, originality of elementary school student by interchange through play of different children of school year using school facility getting used to going in Yokohama-shi, we carry out true child contact school" using each elementary school facility.

Last update date December 25, 2018

One of the Izumi Ward is list of true child contact school contact information

The Izumi Ward is true child contact school contact information
Name Phone number
The Iseyama small 045-804-5757
The Nakata small 045-802-8357
The Ryokuen west small 045-811-6497

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