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We talk about complaints such as food

Last update date February 1, 2019

Complaint, consultation about food

Complaint and consultation about "mold grew to food which we just bought" "shop which we used was insanitary" varying food are put to Health and Welfare Center by citizen's people. In Health and Welfare Center, we ask about contents from consultant in detail and inspect complaint product with inspection engines such as institute for health as needed and investigate the cause.

In addition, about store or restaurant where cause of complaint is doubted, we enter facility and investigate investigation of cause equally. When the person of business side has cause, we teach the handling of improvement and food of facility and measure prevention of recurrence and act for security of "meal".

... which needs the prevention through preventive - one year of food poisoning

Infectious diseases such as norovirus in winter increase food poisoning which seemed to be summer thing recently before, and it is necessary to keep in mind for the prevention throughout the year.
In temperature and summer becoming humid, increase of causative micro-organisms of food poisoning becomes popular, and Campyrobacter and bacterial food poisoning of enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli (O-157 epidemic) tend to be much.
In addition, it is time when food poisoning including infectious gastroenteritis due to norovirus is popular over spring from autumn.
For cause, we come to often eat bivalves such as case or oyster which pollute food by one infected with norovirus cooking in state of non-heating.
It is not revealed whether food is polluted by causative micro-organisms of food poisoning by change of taste and bad-smelling color. Let's prevent food poisoning at home about next carefully.

  • Hand-washing
    Let's wash hand before meal during cooking before cooking well.
  • Cleaning, disinfection of kitchen utensil
    Without not only washing, but also cutting board, kitchen knife, dishcloth forgetting disinfection. Disinfection recommends that we perform with boiling water or chlorine-based disinfectant. (alcohol does not work for norovirus.)
  • Heating
    Food to heat up, and to eat will heat well to the inside. As for the bacteria, norovirus perishes in 85-90 degrees Celsius 90 seconds or more more than 75 degrees Celsius one minute.
  • We eat immediately
    We eat food after cooking immediately, and let's stop leaving unattended for a long time in the room. Let's refrigerate immediately when we cannot eat.
  • Health care
    When we have symptoms such as diarrhea or vomiting, let's avoid work to handle food directly.

When food poisoning is suspected

When food poisoning is suspected, doctor has an examination, and please consult with Health and Welfare Center. In Health and Welfare Center, we investigate caused investigation for expansion and prevention of recurrence of damage.
In the case of food poisoning by norovirus and bacteria, it may take several days before symptom comes out. Therefore, we may not be necessarily the cause of food which we ate right before we get sick. Therefore it is necessary to check meal contents for several days.

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