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The generation distinction

Last update date January 9, 2019

If we are over 20 years old

If we are over 40 years old

  • Cancer screening (stomach cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer) [Health and Welfare Division]
  • Participation to The Long-term Care Insurance
    [, through employee health insurance of participation, we join automatically when we become 40 years old]

If we are over 50 years old

  • Cancer screening (the prostate) [Health and Welfare Division]

If we are over 60 years old

60 years old

65 years old

  • It is card with Hama [Elderly and Disabled Support Division]
  • Grant [Insurance and Pension Division] of care health insurance card
    [I send identification of person insured from ward office before 65-year-old birthday]

70 years or older

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