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About sale of "Isogo highlight guide"

Last update date March 5, 2019

Under "Isogo highlight guide" sale!

We had "special dish of Isogo" apply from scenery ... everybody of Isogo
We included "favorite Isogo!" and made

Under Isogo highlight guide sale

10 course introduction that walk can enjoy while tasting charm of Isogo

We included delicious thing of Isogo that had you apply from inhabitants of a ward until now other than famous place, historic spot in Isogo Ward, scenery to like, the highlight of slight town, and there was guidebook which we introduced charm and the highlight of Isogo to.
Other than 10 courses that walk can actually enjoy, we introduce various story concerning Isogo while there being the sea, and there being hill, and tasting charm of Isogo with history. With guidebook, do you not walk town of Isogo?

"Isogo highlight guide"

The highlight guide image

  • Contents

It is introduction of special dish of course, highlight, Isogo, story of Isogo, tour of the plant of Isogo, facility guide, others in ward according to areas

  • Sale place

Isogo Ward the first floor of the government office stand
The first floor of the city hall publication service corner
※We perform sale by mail To site of Yokohama-shiat publication service corner
※Tour of the plant for general TOKYO GAS Co., Ltd. Negishi factory which we published in page 33 was finished in October, 2016
[sales price] 200 yen

We introduce walking course of "Isogo highlight guide" publication!

We introduce walking course to be able to walk while enjoying town of Isogo publishing in this book.
As, in addition, guides such as place or facilities which do not go, various story concerning Isogo are published in course, to this book, please buy by all means!

Around Negishi, seaside department ("Isogo highlight guide" P8 - 9)

Course of Negishi that we can take a walk through while imagining walk course and the opening of a port of marine area part only in Isogo to feel wind of Gulf of Negishi, and to walk. With lunch, we will walk leisurely.

(PDF: 1,701KB)

↑PDF file this (PDF: 1,701KB)PDF

Let's enjoy the sea of course 1 Isogo

To JR Negishi Station ⇒ Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries animal quarantine station ⇒ Isogo, park ⇒ ISOGO energy plaza (Electric Power Development) ⇒ Isogo Sea zuri facility ⇒ Isogo Sea zuri facility bus stop <JR Isogo Station with an ocean view (municipal bus 85 system)
(we do not include at ※ visit time for around 70 minutes in total)

In course 2 Negishi looking for feature of ancient times

Is JR Negishi Station ⇒ Yahatabashi Yahata Shrine ⇒ Negishi; lose; park old Yagishita's house ⇒ Negishi Yahata Shinto shrine ⇒ Negishi Forest Park ⇒ JR Negishi Station
(we do not include at ※ visit time for around 70 minutes in total)

Around Isogo, screen ka ura, Shiomidai ("Isogo highlight guide" P18 - 19)

We can enjoy scenery of sea and Boso Peninsula, Mount Fuji and Tanzawa of Isogo if we go up hill on clear day of air. And it is pride of this town that there is park to be able to enjoy nature.

(PDF: 1,902KB)

↑PDF file this (PDF: 1,902KB)PDF

We enjoy view and path of the sea while thinking in course 5 old days

JR Isogo Station ⇒ Ando Bridge ⇒ shinteriji ⇒ old Earl Kunihide Higashifushimi annex (distinguished guest building) ⇒ JR Isogo Station
(we do not include at ※ visit time for around 110 minutes in total)

To Kuraki Park which waits, and can pull regular, and is full of nature where course 6 is quiet

To JR Isogo Station ⇒ forest Asama Shrine ⇒ Shimizu Hill ⇒ Kuraki Park ⇒ Sasabori bus stop <JR Isogo Station (municipal bus 64.78 system, shinnachu bus 60.64 system)
(we do not include at ※ visit time for around 105 minutes in total)

※March 31, 2016 shooting

Around Sugita ("Isogo highlight guide" P22 - 23)

The Edo era, plum of Sugita were famous so that many people came as famous place in the suburbs of Edo. There are plum and cherry tree, Mount Fuji and mall and pleasure of various Sugita.

(PDF: 3,122KB)

↑PDF file this (PDF: 3,122KB)PDF

There is course 7 history and there is Kagekatsu and spots charm of Sugita where there is turnout in

Mall ⇒ JR Shin-Sugita Station of park ⇒ Kumano Shrine ⇒ Sugita in JR Shin-Sugita Station ⇒ higashizenji ⇒ pine no
(we do not include at ※ visit time for around 90 minutes in total)

※November 25, 2016 shooting

It is provoked by incense of course 8 plum and takes a walk through Sugita to to old temple and the sea

JR Shin-Sugita Station ⇒ Sugita Yahata Shrine ⇒ Myoho-ji Temple ⇒ Sugita Bairin Fureai Park ⇒ Sugita River contact promenade ⇒ Sugita marine area green tract of land ⇒ JR Shin-Sugita Station
(we do not include at ※ visit time for around 70 minutes in total)

※Photograph is photographed for ... end during February, 2016

Around Yokodai, peak ("Isogo highlight guide" P28 - 29)

Forest of hoshimin in corner around Japanese yen sea mountain which is the peak, city where Yokodai developed in the 40, Showa generation, scenery of traditional village remain's greatest green tract of land. It is area that can enjoy various scenery here.

MAP(PDF: 1,826KB)

↑PDF file this (PDF: 1,826KB)PDF

We pass through town of course 9 Yokodai, and let's walk forest of hoshimin

Forest ⇒ JR Yokodai Station of JR Yokodai Station ⇒ hamaginkodomo space Hall of Science ⇒ Yokodai green tract of land dragonfly pond ⇒ peak murmuring promenade ⇒ hoshimin
(we do not include at ※ visit time for around 100 minutes in total)

※May 31, 2016 shooting

"Isogo highlight guide" related information

・Creatures which there is in "Isogo highlight guide" extra Isogo Ward (PDF: 1,169KB)

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