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Disposal procedures, oversized garbage

Last update date August 4, 2020

Disposal procedures (let's follow rule!)


Please provide by 8:00 a.m. of collection daily allowance day.
Please do not provide after night and the collection on the day before.


When wrong item is given, we cannot collect.
As collection day every item is displayed in accumulation place, you confirm well, and please provide.

How to put out

Io and image that mio has garbage bag

You put in the semitransparent bag for each item, and please provide.
Please confirm about the following item in applicable page.

Collection of garbage and recyclable garbage day

The collection number of times

"Burnable garbage" "dry cell" "spray can" "non-burnable garbage"

Twice a week

"Containers and packaging made of plastic" "cans, bottles, PET bottles" "small metal"

Once a week

"Recycle paper, used cloth"

※Take out "recycle paper, used cloth" in "local recyclables collection " carrying out in Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations.
About collection days, please confirm blue sticker of accumulation place.

Collection day in Isogo Ward

We can search collection day from the name of town. ThisTo site of Yokohama-shi


Ask any unclear points To site of Yokohama-shito Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau Isogo office.
Telephone: 045-761-5331
Fax: 045-754-6109
Telephone Reception hours becomes until from 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. of from Monday to Saturday.

Oversized garbageTo site of Yokohama-shi

30cm or more things, things 50cm or more in other than that (plastic, wooden product) are objects with metal product.
We collect by prior application for a fee.

Procedure of how to dump a large-sized waste

1.We propose on telephone, the Internet

2.We pay fee

3.We take out oversized garbage

Oversized Garbage Reception Center


Reception hours: From Monday to Saturday (including holiday) from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

From general participation telephones,
Cell-phone or IP telephone that call charge discount services such as flat rate or freefone are used,

For more details, please confirm this. ⇒Oversized Garbage Reception CenterYokohama-shi

The Internet

Reception hours: Year round

Number for exclusive use of person with impaired hearing, language

Fax ⇒ 045-662-1225

Collection, recycling of small household appliances

We perform effectively utilizing and collection, recycling of small household appliances such as cell-phone and digital camera, PC for the purpose of domestic circulation of resources.

Setting place
We install collection box in Isogo sports center Ito-Yokado Yokodai store (the the second-floor stationery section side), Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau Isogo office, ward office ([photograph] (image in front of the sixth-floor elevator: 229KB)).

Target item
Product which works by electricity, battery less than 30cm in length to enter slit of 30cm *15cm

・Product which personal information is included in, please remove personal information.
・You do not put small household appliances in the bags, and please provide after removing batteries.

We cannot collect in city ※We do not collect for oversized garbage.

Based on Home Appliance Recycling Act, household appliances retail stores collect, and home-appliance makers recycle

Based on resources utilization promotion law, each supplier of personal computer performs collection, recycling.

Thing which has difficulty in piano, fire extinguisher, motorcycle, processing including tire
Garbage which appeared by contract construction, garbage which appeared with a large quantity of garbage, business at one time

Such time

About reduction, recycling of garbage

Regional Promotion Division Resources Reuse Promotion ⇒ 045-750-2397

Regional Promotion Division Resources Reuse Promotion ⇒ 045-750-2397

Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau Isogo office ⇒ 045-761-5331

When I want garbage and brochure, leaflet of separation, how to put out recyclable garbage

We distribute in Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau Isogo office or Regional Promotion Division.
Portable Document Format this (there is foreign language version, too.)To site of Yokohama-shi

When we want to search garbage separation by PC and carrying

We can search in mio and classification dictionary "MIctionary" of Io. (the outside site)To site of Yokohama-shi
QR code of mobile version garbage collection by category search system "MIctionary" is published, too.

Announcement of recycling plaza closing

We showed "Konan recycling plaza" about recycling of oversized garbage, but closed on March 31, 2011.

Inquiry to this page

Isogo Ward General Affairs Department Regional Promotion Division Resources Reuse Promotion

Telephone: 045-750-2397

Telephone: 045-750-2397

Fax: 045-750-2534

E-Mail address [email protected]

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