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To elderly person and your family (to spend time with the prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease well)

As we gathered up mainly on warning in particular, and wanting to hold about the new coronavirus infectious disease prevention, about old person, we hope that your family looks together.

Last update date June 3, 2020

Symptom of new coronavirus?

 Fever and respiratory symptom often last around one week, and appealing increases with strong tiredness. It is reported that with elderly person and underlying disease is at increased risk for being aggravated.

Do not move, the prevention is important because do not move: Three basics of prevention of infection

Let's make brisk hand-washing.

Let's wash hand using soap diligently in return and before and after of cooking, before meal.

Let's follow a cough etiquette.

Let's cover mouth and nose using mask and handkerchief because we do not transmit to other people by spray of own cough and sneezing.

Let's keep physical distance.

We drink up 2 meters (at least 1 meter) distance with people as much as possible, and, also, let's avoid right in the front as much as possible when we talk.

Point to maintain daily health

Let's take nutrition and sleep well.

  • Let's take three meals in a good balance. It is important to take protein which is important nutrient making body well.
  • We take enough sleep, and let's keep regular life in mind.

Let's keep oral health.

  • Let's brush our teeth after every meal.
  • We say tongue twister practicing song alone to chew well, and to eat, and let's keep muscular strength of the mouth circumference.
Example of tongue twister
Level Contents
Level 1 Namamugi brown rice raw egg
Pile up, and pile up grass, and pile up beans; Japanese pepper
There were two chickens in garden
Level 2 As for plum and the peach among peach as for peach and the plum among peach
The next visitor is good, and persimmon is visitor to steal
Buddhist priest drew picture of Buddhist priest on screen well
Level 3 Red rolled paper blue rolled paper yellow rolled paper
The Tokyo patent permission station
Frog pyokopyoko three pyokopyokoawasetepyokopyoko six pyokopyoko

(Kanagawa health promotion section/Kanagawa dental association extract the source: for orarufureiruhandobukku first edition dental specialities)

※Is helpful; collection of materials

It is collection of materials in conjunction with "health Yokohama 21".

Let's move body by exercise to be possible at home.

  • Exercise to strengthen muscular strength of legs including radio exercises and squat to stand in house so that physical strength does not decline, and to increase walking time is effective.
  • Let's move body by housework (cooking that kept gardening and tidying up, standing position).
  • We reduce time sitting down, and we walk in place, and let's move body.
  • When we stroll in the outside, let's avoid crowd.

Let's try to be connected to people even if we do not meet people.

  • Even if it does not meet directly, it calls or emails with relative and friend, and it does, and it is important we talk about the situation each other, and to talk happily. Let's keep mental health by being connected to people.

Let's be careful about heat stroke measures.

We devise in living, and let's make heat measures to become hard to feel heat and thirst of throat if it becomes old.

  • Let's coordinate temperature setting of air-conditioner diligently while securing ventilation by ventilation fan and window opening for the infectious disease prevention.
  • We become hot, and person who is not used to body for heat by going out self-restraint will practice breaking a sweat by walks that avoided crowd from time of the beginning.
  • When we wear a mask because it is hard to notice that we wear a mask for thirst of throat, we are conscious more, and let's drink water diligently.

Recommended exercise "ISOGO exercises of all hamatore"

  • We made exercises to maintain function that "walked" to perform to song of "ISOGO of all" which inhabitant of a ward wrote a song of with Isogo Ward.
  • Power to walk with sitting position and standing position to chair is trained. Please inflect at home.

Link of "ISOGO exercises of all hamatore" video

  • In Isogo Ward government office Elderly and Disabled Support Division (Isogo Ward the fifth floor of the government office) and community care plaza in ward, we give DVD of video free.

Others: It is to watch out on suspicious call!

  • As tricks of fraud, vip-off selling under the cover of new coronavirus infectious disease expansion increase, please be careful.
  • As soon as there were suspicious telephone and email; report. Isogo police department telephone 045-761-0110

Reference: (Yokohama-shi) about information about new coronavirus (special page)

As you place information of related organizations such as news or Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare from Yokohama-shi about new coronavirus infectious disease, please refer.
(Yokohama-shi) About information about new coronavirus (special page)

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