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[cancellation] The eighth ISOGO dance Festival

For extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease, we have to cancel dance Festival planned on Saturday, March 14.

Last update date February 26, 2020

Basic information

Event name

The eighth ISOGO dance Festival

Event summary

[the application situation]
1 contest "MEET THE HIPHOP:" We hold qualifier party on Sunday, January 19, 2020 because we are going to raise and largely exceeded the number of the teams! We will notify participant of the details later.
2 presentations, dance battle "RISE‼:" Person who had you apply can participate in all the members. We will send later about schedules of the day. 

[event information]
1 contest "MEET THE HIPHOP"
  It is contest of street dance! We hold two branches of part (it applies to person 22 years or younger) of part (it applies to 12-year-old person) and UNDER22 of UNDER12 this time!
2 presentations
  It is presentation of all genres! Dance of wide genre including street dance and hula, thiadance is shown!
3 dance battles "RISE!"
  It is section of street dance battle to be carried out in one to one format!

The date and time details

Schedule: Saturday, March 14, 2020
Time: From 10:00 to 17:30 (plan)
※Holding simultaneous in mall morning market (from 10:00 to 14:00)!
※Contest section holds qualifier party on Sunday, January 19, 2020.

Holding area

Isogo Ward

The held place details

Isogo public hall (3-5-1, Isogo, Isogo-ku)
※Please see Isogo public hall homepage (the outside site) about access.

Participation method

Application was finished.

Application is detailed

[application essential point] (reference)
1 contest "MEET THE HIPHOP"
Pro-dance streets such as hip-hop
・The time limit
①Part (12 years or younger) of UNDER12: Less than two minutes
②Part (22 years or younger) of UNDER22: Less than 2 minutes 30 seconds
・The number of the offers
 Each section around 10 teams
・Examination standard
 ①Quality of section (we evaluate life-sized figure of the generation)
 ②Technique (we evaluate constitution or skill)
 ③Expression (we judge whether music and performance match)
 ④Teamwork (we judge whether you agree with each other as team)
 ⑤Assiduity (we judge whether you were able to express state that came that team worked together on the stage)
・Order of appearance
 We add the entry number to team order that application was slow in and perform performance in order of the number.

2 presentations
・The time limit
 Less than 2 minutes 30 seconds (strict observance)
・The number of the offers
 Around 30 teams

3 dance battles "RISE!" ※Entry possibility simultaneous with contest and presentation!
 Solo battle of street dance to face with one to one
・The offer number of people
 Person who did entry can participate in all the members. ※Conduct format is decided by the number of participants.


Free of charge

Eligible people

[common throughout all sections]
・Being person born after April 2, 1997
[only in contest, the presentation]
・Being more than two team constitution
・As for the entry of plural teams by the same person, impossible (but simultaneous entry with dance battle is possible.)
・Simultaneous entry of contest and presentation by the same team is impossible.
・As ISOGO dance Festival is event for the purpose of young healthy upbringing, we prohibit use of musical piece that the lyrics including element which is against violence, obscenity, public order and morals including discrimination term enter. Leader and protectors would appreciate your noting this point enough.
・Insurance of participant joins in sponsors. But insurance responsibility that sponsor including injury and accident in activity except the day takes out on the date out of the range cannot be due.
・We do not use personal information that we had other than the purposes such as contact adjustment or insurance participation based on "the regulations about protection of Yokohama-shi personal information". In addition, about team names, we may publish in various public information mediums for PR of this event.


Isogo Ward government office (cooperation: Isogo public hall (manager appointing: Kiyomitsu Corporation))

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