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We delivered "my town Hodogaya exercises" of the 90th anniversary of the constituency system!

Last update date August 9, 2020

What are my town Hodogaya exercises?

Of song "our wait Hodogaya" of ward, to piano accompaniment melody, is standing;, even as for the sitting position, who is?
moga is exercise mainly on stretch possible casually.

There are with a few exercising opportunities and physical strength drop, and body activity perform in particular even limited without unreasonableness
masu. Please use with exercise custom for warm-up before exercise and cool-down after exercise.
We think that you can take in as one of the health promotions of family and friend and everyday life.

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Video (You Tube) for practical skill commentary (the outside site)

Exercises explanation material A4 (PDF: 600KB)

The supervision: Keio University Graduate School health management graduate course assistant instructor Mr. Yoshinobu Saito (health campaign instruction person)

Opportunity that made exercises

Video thumbnail of my town Hodogaya exercises

Care prevention scheme of the 90th anniversary of the constituency system of Tuesday, April 11, 2017
When "both brain and body hold lecture lively" act society, ward
Though people feel attachment in ward and are taken in in health promotion
It is opportunity that we thought about nooto.
Song of ward made in the constituency system 80th anniversary by open call for participants from inhabitant of a ward
It is expectation, piano Melo some other time at spot in "our we wait Hodogaya"
Island where we matched with D, and device was by "my town Hodogaya exercises"
We did.

We will rent DVD of video and CD with commentary!

So that local all of you can work on exercises, community care of ward office elderly person support charge and seven in ward
We loan in plaza.

■Sound of CD video

Because number is limited, please refer beforehand.
To community care plaza window or Elderly and Disabled Support Division window (ward office the second floor of the annex telephone 334-6328)

In addition, if there are any hope that want to work on by "my town Hodogaya exercises" by local activities casually
Please consult.

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