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Hodogaya sports center is closed in all facilities

We will tell about ceiling repair of Hodogaya sports center and air conditioner setting and others construction.

Last update date November 21, 2019

Construction summary

Also, in 2020, we are closed entirely for ten months to do in facility which it is easy to use more and carry out ceiling repair and air conditioner setting or other construction to ensure the security of citizen's all of you in Hodogaya sports center, and to be able to perform disaster prevention function at the time of disaster enough.
I apologize for the inconvenience, but you use neighborhood facility during construction period, and, inconvenience, I would like understanding and cooperation.

Construction period (closing period)

≪Construction period (plan)≫
■All the buildings closing
From around June, 2020 to the end of March, 2021

※By progress of construction, period may be changed.


In addition, for more information about facility, please confirm HP of Hodogaya sports center (the outside site).

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