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About the use reopening of use of inhabitant of a ward facility accompanied with prevention of new coronavirus infection spread

We will tell about the use reopening of use of Hodogaya Ward inhabitant of a ward facility accompanied with prevention of new coronavirus infection spread.

Last update date July 1, 2020


※6/18 update: It is relieved about the use restrictions from 6/19 partly for around two weeks (we will tell about the subsequent use some other time.)
About use of inhabitant of a ward facility, we were closed from point of view that prevented expansion of new coronavirus infection,
With emergency declaration of country having been canceled, we carry out necessary infectious disease measures thoroughly and restart the use of facility.
In the use of facility, I would like understanding and cooperation for infectious disease measures.
In addition, about the details of the use, please ask each facility after checking the following contents directly.

Target facility

We use partly from June 1 and reopen
・hodogaya district center
・Nishiya district center
・Hatsunegaoka district center
・Imai district center
・Sakuragaoka community house
・Gontazaka community house
・Tokiwadai community house
・Sawtooth oak stand elementary school community house
・Seto ke valley sports hall
・Kawajima-machi Park child log house
・Hodogaya public hall

[important] We assume closing sequentially about the following facilities.
We are closed until Friday, July 31
・hoshogakuko community house
・Hill Elementary School community house (old Sasayama Elementary School community house) of upper Sugeta bamboo grass
 ※To match with the normal use of school.

We are closed until the end of March, 2021
・Hodogaya sports center
 ※For physical education room ceiling repair and air conditioning setting construction conduct.

Closing continuation, resumption are undecided
・Hunting ground wind in the early summer-so
 ※To depend on facility-related facilities repair.

About facility use resumption

※6/18 update
•We take interval with people and person enough and prevent it from becoming saying "3 is dense".
•We carry out thermometry before the use and, about case to have the following symptom, ask you with the use of facility near at hand.
(fever and cough 37.5 degrees Celsius or more, country which or and infection follows for the past less than two weeks when we have symptoms such as throats we enlarge, case with a history of visit to area)
•We carry out wearing of mask and hand-washing with disinfection of finger or soap strictly.
•We carry out ventilation including operation of window open keya ventilating device.
•It stops the use with possibility of droplet infection such as chorus or song for the time being.
•When we empty interval around 2m and meet condition, the pro-light campaign for stretch except physical education room use enables the use.
•It stops the use of shower room. When the number of people restrictions meet condition, locker room enables the use.
•When we drink up interval around 2m and meet condition, the use of eating and drinking enables the use.
•It stops rental of article for the time being (Go, shogi, Othello, mahjong, some sports tool).
•Being hit by the use group, please fill in emergency contact number.

Distinction in facility use

Target facility: District center, community house, sports hall, public hall

※6/18 update
※Other facilities vary in the use condition. Please confirm the details for each facility.

Use to reopen
•Only use of group is available.
•The use of meeting room (assembly room, multipurpose room), Japanese-style room, caboose, crafts room, music room, book corner (only as for rental, the return), physical education room
•About meeting room and Japanese-style room, it stops "the use that it is assumed that expiration such as thing and dance, exercises with utterance becomes intense" for the time being.
•We do the use capacity of each room except physical education room with number that divided less than 50% of capacity or the room area of each room by 4 and say with "range to be able to take interval with people and people 2 meters".

Use to continue stop
Personal use (except the use of book corner) of facility
•Playroom, entertainment corner, lobby
•Business and classroom which facility hosts

Target facility: Child log house 

※6/18 update
※Other facilities vary in the use condition. Please confirm the details for each facility.
※For more information about the use, please refer to log house (the outside site).

Use to reopen
•Preschooler, primary and secondary student (use of group is not possible) of protector companion.
•Opening time is from 13:00 to 16:00 in the afternoon in the morning at 12:00 from 9:30.
 ※We cannot enter for disinfection, cleaning work inside for from 9:00 to 9:30, from 12:00 to 13:00, from 16:00 to 17:00.

Use to continue stop
•They cross log, and suspension bridge, net stairs, arukopu, maze, the second floor under the ground are not usable.
•There is no rental of toy, game, book. Please refrain from carry-on.

For more details, please confirm Yokohama-shi (the outside site) and each facility's HP.

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