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Snacks recipe 📖 which can help with 🍴

Last update date June 3, 2020

Let's enjoy the making of snacks with child!

 Snacks of child are things not to be able to miss for growth with a part of the meal, but sweet cakes increase, and around 2-3 years old becomes easy to rapidly increase to cavity.
 It is important for the cavity prevention and the making of body of child to review contents of snacks to supplement insufficient nutrition.
 Thing which child with many likes and dislikes made by oneself tends to eat.
 We make brief handmade snacks with parent and child in reference to this recipe together, and let's spend time for meal happily!


 1. We publish indication of daily meal quantity and precaution of snacks.
 2. We can learn sweet snacks and point of relations and toothbrushing of tooth.
 3. We introduce ten kinds of recipes to be able to enjoy in parent and child.
 4. We publish precaution before beginning help (we put apron washing hand with soap well).

About distribution

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It is cover of snacks recipe that we can help with

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