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Collection of Hodogaya Ward disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage maps

Last update date February 27, 2019

Disaster prevention map

It is map which can identify disaster prevention information in Hodogaya Ward generally. We distribute in General Affairs Division (the second floor of the main building 20th window) of Hodogaya Ward government office.

Earthquake measures of my home (Hodogaya Ward version)

"We possess to major earthquake" and collect equal no et al., various "hazard map" of Hodogaya Ward.

The Hodogaya Ward height above the sea level, altitude map

It is map which separated local altitude less than 10m in Hodogaya Ward by color.

Various maps

Earthquake map

We showed seismic intensity distribution every earthquake assumption.

Liquefaction map

We showed liquefaction degree of risk distribution every earthquake assumption.

We map disaster prevention noisily

We can make disaster danger map, crisis evasion map every earthquake assumption.

It is mappu smoothly

We can search the nearest emergency water supply base.

The inundation (inland waters, flood) hazard map

We put information of the inundation areas due to the flooding and the sewer, waterway of river.

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