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Evacuation sites (in the case of earthquake in the case of storm and flood damage) at the time of disaster

Last update date July 31, 2020

Evacuation is that "hi" rejects "difficulty", and it is not evacuation action only to go in evacuation sites.
We assume "at-home evacuation" and safe relative, friend's house when we can ensure the security at home place of refuge, and examination of evacuation sites, please beforehand.

Precaution at evacuation sites, refuge

When you evacuate to evacuation sites, refuge without being able to secure security at homes, please be careful about the following points.

1. Please bring things necessary to a minimum such as water, food or evacuation materials by each person.
  In addition, as infectious disease measures, take mask, thermometer, alcohol disinfectant.

2. Refugee, please fill in required items on predetermined refugee list by all means in nyutaishoji.
3. Please refrain from evacuation by car.
  Evacuation by car might lead to secondary disaster generating by traffic jams such as disabled cars, and it is dangerous to disturb emergency vehicle and to evacuate to on foot.

4. About company evacuation of pet, please bring cage to put pet in or carrier bag.
  Pet becomes temporary breeding at people and another place at refuge, and there is not jikomi to space where refugee is.

※Please refer to the following link for correspondence on the basis of new coronavirus infectious disease risk in refuge, evacuation sites.

In the case of earthquake

When we evacuate

  1. At first, please plan personal security that matched the place.
  2. School or park, vacant land nearby are large, and, not only appointed elementary and junior high school, please evacuate to safe place.
  3. When you cannot come back to home by collapse of house, please evacuate to appointed elementary and junior high school (evacuation shelter (designated refuge)).
  4. When you became dangerous, please shelter to evacuation area by spread of fire expansion of neighboring fires.
  5. Number is limited to storage such as water, food of evacuation shelter (designated refuge) for minimum storage product for person who cannot take domestic storage food by home collapse or fire.                                                                             Therefore you prepare for storage for at least three days in each family, and please bring storage product at home at the time of evacuation as much as possible.
Hodogaya Ward evacuation shelter (evacuation shelter)


School name The location Allocation district
1 Arai Elementary School 1574-1, Kamisugedacho Niimachi, a part (Koshinden district) of Kamisugedacho

Hill Elementary School of upper Sugeta bamboo grass
(old Sasayama Elementary School)

1422, Kamisugedacho A part (the north side including Sasayama housing complex) of Kamisugedacho
3 Upper Sugeta junior high school 780, Kamisugedacho A part (the south side except Sasayama housing complex) of Kamisugedacho
4 Old sawtooth oak stand elementary school 1374-1, Kawajimamachi A part (sawtooth oak stand housing complex, Nanbara housing complex, Nishihara housing complex) of Kawajima-machi
5 Nishitani Junior High School 1208, Kawajimamachi Nishitani-cho, a part (Kitahara house) of Kawajima-machi
6 Kawashima Elementary School 1162, Kawajimamachi Kawajima-machi (except sawtooth oak stand housing complex, Nanbara housing complex, Nishihara housing complex), a part of Shimacho, Higashikawa
7 Kamihoshikawa Elementary School 2-51-1, Kamihoshikawa A part (the north side of Route 1 ), Kamihoshikawa of Shimacho, Higashikawa, a part of Nishitani-cho
8 Tokiwadai Elementary School 22-1, Kamadaicho Tokiwadai, Minezawacho, a part (the north side of summary court) of Okazawacho, a part of 3, Mineokacho, a part of Kamadaicho
9 Hodogaya Junior High School 3-1, Kamadaicho A part of Kamadaicho, 1, Wada (except the eastern part), a part (except the eastern part) of 2, Wada, a part of Bukkoucho
10 Sakamoto Elementary School 6, Sakamotocho Sakamoto-cho, the west of Bukkoucho partly for France
11 Elementary school for France 845, Bukkoucho A part of Bukkoucho
12 Hoshikawa Elementary School 3-18-1, Hoshikawa 1, Hoshikawa, 2, Hoshikawa, 3, Hoshikawa, Myojindai, Hanamidai
13 hoshogakuko 1-10, Mineokacho A part of Kawabe-cho, a part of 1, Mineokacho - 3, a part (the eastern part) of 1, Wada, a part (the eastern part) of 2, Wada
14 Miyata Junior High School 1-100, Miyadacho A part (the south side of summary court), Kamadani-cho, Miyada-cho of Okazawacho, a part of 1, Mineokacho
15 Hemp clothes elementary school 65-1, Kawabecho A part of Iwama-cho, Tennocho, a part of Nishikubocho, a part of Kawabe-cho, a part of Godo-cho
16 Tachibana Junior High School 1167-2, Bukkoucho A part of Bukkoucho
17 Sakuradai Elementary School 1-13-1, Sakuragaoka Kasumidai, a part of 1, Sakuragaoka, a part of Tsukimidai
18 Hodogaya Elementary School 129-4, Godochou A part of Godo-cho, a part of 1, Iwamamachi, 2, a part of Nishikubocho, Katabiracho, a part of Tsukimidai, a part of 1, Sakuragaoka, a part of Iwaicho
19 Fujimidai Elementary School 307, Iwaicho Part, Iwaicho of Nishikubocho
20 Iwasaki Elementary School 22-1, Iwasakicho A part of Iwasakicho, a part of Hatsunegaoka, a part of Setogayacho, Hodogayacho, a part of Karibacho
21 Seto ke valley Elementary School 243, Setogayacho A part (the east side of Yokohama-Yokosuka Road) of Karibacho, a part of Setogayacho
22 Hatsunegaoka Elementary School 1-1, Fujitsukacho Hatsunegaoka, a part of Iwasakicho, law spring 1 - 3, Sakaigimachi, a part of Fujitsukacho, a part of 2, Shinsakuragaoka, a part of Imaimachi
23 Gontazaka Elementary School 2-4-1, Gontazaka Karibacho (the west of Yokohama-Yokosuka Road and the north side), a part of 1, Gontazaka, a part of 2, Gontazaka
24 Boundary tree elementary school 3-48-1, Hirado, Totsuka-ku Part of 1, Gontazaka, part of 2, Gontazaka, 3, Gontazaka, Sakaigihoncho
25 Fujitsuka Elementary School 1-22-1, Shinsakuragaoka A part of Imaimachi, 1, Shinsakuragaoka, 2, a part of Fujitsukacho, a part of Bukkoucho
26 Imai Elementary School 981-1, Imaimachi A part of Imaimachi, a part of Sakaigimachi
27 Iwasaki Junior High School 2-6-1, Sakuragaoka A part of 1, Sakuragaoka, 2, Sakuragaoka, a part of Iwasakicho, a part of Hanamidai, a part of Hatsunegaoka

Hodogaya Ward evacuation area


Total area (heihometoru) The accommodation capacity (people) Allocation district
1 The Mitsuzawa sports stadium whole area 309,339 153,646 Kamadani-cho, a part of the Kanagawa Ward, a part of the Nishi Ward
2 The Shimizugaoka Park whole area


54,854 Iwaicho, a part of Nishikubocho, a part of the Minami Ward
3 Yokohama City Jido-yuenchi Park 215,001 161,288 Karibacho, 1, Gontazaka - 3, Sakaigihoncho, Setogayacho, 1, Hodogayacho - 3, a part of the Minami Ward, a part of the Totsuka Ward
4 The Prefectural Hodogaya Park whole area 460,792 351,253 Iwasakicho, Kasumidai, 1, Katabiracho, 2, Sakamoto-cho, 1, Sakuragaoka, 2, Tsukimidai, Hatsunegaoka, Hanamidai, west of Bukkoucho partly for France, 1, Hoshikawa - 3, Myojindai
5 Kawabe Park and the Yokohama business park whole area 257,400 77,063 1, Iwamamachi, 2, Kawabe-cho, Godo-cho, Tennocho 1 chome, 2, a part of Nishikubocho
6 Yokohama National University 615,300 407,173 Okazawacho, Kamadaicho, 1, Kamihoshikawa - 3, Tokiwadai, 1, Mineokacho - 3, Minezawacho, 1, Miyadacho - 3, 1, Wada, 2, a part of the Kanagawa Ward
7 Sasayama housing complex 164,400 73,077 A part of Niimachi, a part of Kamisugedacho, Nishitani-cho, Shimacho, Higashikawa, a part of the Asahi Ward
8 Sawtooth oak stand housing complex 104,400 69,323 Kawajima-machi, a part of the Asahi Ward
9 The Yokohama country club whole area 1,182,400 1,085,697 Imaimachi, Sakaigimachi, 1, Shinsakuragaoka, 2, Fujitsukacho, law spring 1 - 3, Sakaigimachi, a part of the Totsuka Ward, a part of the Asahi Ward

In the case of storm and flood damage

When we evacuate

  1. We will collect disaster prevention weather information positively because we can take measures unlike earthquake beforehand.
  2. Wind and rain become strong, and Karaya is very dangerous to evacuation after it is flooded. Let's keep early evacuation in mind in line with the situation.
  3. When it is rather dangerous to move to evacuation sites by case and strong wind, heavy rain that have been already flooded, please evacuate than the second floor of building.
Refuge when we announce evacuation warning with announcement of "landslide alert information"
Number Name Address


Hodogaya Elementary School 129-4, Godocho, Hodogaya-ku
2 Hodogaya Junior High School 3-1, Kamadaicho, Hodogaya-ku
3 Iwasaki Elementary School 22-1, Iwasakicho, Hodogaya-ku
4 Nishiya district center 918, Nishiyamachi, Hodogaya-ku

Evacuation sites when there might be the flooding of river by heavy rain
Number Name Address
1 hodogaya district center 1-21, Tennoucho, Hodogaya-ku
2 ikottohausu 37-1, Tsukimidai, Hodogaya-ku

All the elementary and junior high schools of neighborhood may not be established as evacuation sites unlike earthquake.
Evacuation sites opened by weather and weather condition changes. We will obtain the latest information from ward homepage and disaster reporting service.

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