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About erasion of the repurchase special contract registration (product for contractors)

Last update date October 9, 2019


When we purchase repurchase article with special contract in municipal ownership place open call for participants sale and correspond to the following requirements, we can apply for erasion of the registration concerned.


  • We offer as site of single-family house house (exclusive house where one household lives in in one building)
  • Special contract period expires

 But we can apply for erasion of the registration during period when we meet all the following requirements even if before the expiration.

  • Single-family house house is built, and certificate of inspection is issued
  • Sales contracts with third party are established (with contract for the purpose of proprietary rights move of the article concerned)

 Erasion of the repurchase special contract registration needs application with, application.
 We offer municipal ownership property sales contract, and contractor hoped for, please contact.
 ※In the case of erasion before expiration, application needs registered seal of third party (person receiving transfer of proprietary rights) and private seal certificate during period. As I send application before the sales contract conclusion with third party, please contact early.

About wait in Legal Affairs Bureau with judicial scrivener

 In Legal Affairs Bureau, city officials meet judicial scrivener by performing preadjustment and can apply at the same time. It is necessary to perform classification of land and category change of buying and selling article, acreage of a plot of land rebirth, and please inflect when you want to get special contract erasion ready by settling day. But when want, within three weeks before the registration application day (settling day) from submission and judicial scrivener of erasion application please let know.


About expense

 Expense that it costs for application becomes applicant burden. Revenue stamp of face value 1,000 yen is necessary because of application place 1 brush.
※In the case of application that is higher than 2 brushes, please offer stamp of 1,000 yen of several pieces of brushes. When we attach one piece of stamp of number of the brushes *1,000 yen in spite of application of plural brushes, only application for 1 brush is received by regulations of Legal Affairs Bureau.

About after application

 When contents of application do not have error, erasion of the registration is completed in 2-3 weeks from application day.
 If erasion of the registration is completed, we mail notice sentence to applicant or send scan data by E-mail.
(reference) The registration A-day (the outside site) of Yokohama Legal Affaires Bureau

About procedure department

 It is contract department (or transfer department of contract department) of point when application purchased the municipal ownership property concerned of repurchase special contract registration erasion.
 When contract department is unclear, you offer municipal ownership property sales contract, and please refer.
 When we lose contract, we acquire all matter certificate of the ground concerned in Yokohama Legal Affaires Bureau, and please let know the following information.

  • Lot number of the ground at the time of contract concerned
  • Proprietary rights moves day from Yokohama-shi to purchase person

 In addition, the jurisdiction of Yokohama Legal Affaires Bureau changes by the location of the ground concerned.
 Please refer to Yokohama Legal Affaires Bureau (the outside site) for the details such as the acquisition method, rate of the jurisdiction and all matter certificate.

 We cannot receive requests such as grants of copy of contract from third party (person who received request from contractor with city) when we lose contract. In addition, about telling about information such as contract contents, we may become a target of request for disclosure.
 Because it is necessary to perform identity verification about request from the person, we do not make a reply over telephone. Please be careful.

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