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Last update date August 4, 2020

List of support messages ※We extract and publish because we have many messages
Support message
We thank all of you and the family and are thanks. Thank you very much. Be careful with body.
The corona front line. People concerned, thank you very much. It is only one that I can do it now. We think that we spend life that is not taken care of by all of you every day. I'll do my best.
We give respect and thanks to courageous activity that danger is accompanied by.
We live a life while thanking all of you doing their best in the front line while thinking about oneself being able to do.
We send Yale to healthcare workers of Yokohama-shi
Thank you, healthcare workers who do their best by corona evil, everyone. We support in form called contribution although falling short.
About correspondence of new corona infectious disease, we appreciate effort of everybody of medical personnel. We think that we make use even of a little for difficulty of everybody.
We appreciate daily efforts of healthcare workers
It is feeling of thank you for healthcare worker doing the best. We support for my Supplementary Income Payment.
Daily approaches for infectious disease continue. Including healthcare worker to essential workers thanks and support!
If even a little can help new Corona and fighting people in the front line, we are happy.
We offer my gratitude for healthcare workers supporting our life, essential workers every day. Thank you very much.
Let's get over in corona in unison together simply because it is great now. Try hometown Yokohama hard!
It is Machida citizen working for company of Yokohama. After diamond Princess issue, we thank healthcare worker and municipal hospital having you cope with new coronavirus infectious disease for long term.
It seems to become long fight with new coronavirus, but we sincerely appreciate luck in dangerous environment and effort, and activity named watches of the night in the future, please.
To all healthcare workers thanks and respect
We show respect for people confronting new Corona again in various places of medical personnel. Thank you.
We thank from everybody, heart of medical care, care, the welfare company. Take care of yourself!
Do not lose to corona! When healthcare workers, everybody of educational front, everybody engaging in supermarket and any people regardless of age or sex who still tries hard in corona are serious now, we do, but we think, "there is not at night not to be over", and let's try hard!
We want to support by preventing acquiring new lifestyle and from being infected.
I aim at nurse in twelfth graders. We thought whether oneself could not help whenever we saw news of medical collapse on TV. Golden Week begins and feels that it was hardly reported about medical reality in TV news, but thinks that the situation is not strange at all with April. When healthcare workers keep our life at the risk of life every day, we sincerely thank. We thought that you could use pocket money for two months for something and proposed because we did not go out by emergency declaration in April, May. Please do your best, everyone. We support.
It is sophomore living in Yokohama-shi. We hear the situation that mask and face guard protecting healthcare workers in news are short very much. We cannot work part-time and it is small, but, after emergency declaration of April, thinks that we can have you help. Is longer; please do the best while taking care as think that rustled. We support.
Please do your best without losing to new coronavirus including healthcare workers, everyone.
We offer my gratitude for healthcare workers made an effort for new coronavirus infection measures and people concerned and show respect some other time. Coronavirus ends as soon as possible and prays so that days that all all of you can spend in peace return.
It is Yokohama resident. We pray for speedy end. Therefore we hang great burden to medical personnel. Command of medical personnel is followed again so that medical act is carried out in better environment and is contribution only for ❗ feeling so that slander slander disappears.
Healthcare workers who support our life, everyone, always thank you. Is few, but with thought of thanks
We thank. Work is great, but please take good care of you.
We proposed without being stood even if whether all of you such as medical personnel who fought against new coronavirus infectious disease could not do something. With thought of support that it is poor ability, but it is all one could do. Really thank you very much!
We think that it is felt great about new Corona and fighting all of you, truth. It was poor ability, but we thought that you could make use even of a little and proposed. We consider that it is important that each individual fulfils own role well and spend for injury or disease let alone corona infection carefully now that going out avoids teleworking bottom as much as possible and is not taken care of by medical institution. Please do your best! We support.
But we thank medical personnel working for people, care people concerned in the face of risk.
We want to support measures to new coronavirus of Yokohama-shi even a little as company with the head office in Yokohama-shi and wish for recovery again in economic early stage of Yokohama-shi.
We will survive together! There is exit by all means.
We sincerely show respect and offer my gratitude for healthcare workers related including all of you confronting new coronavirus infectious disease in the medical front line. We will support so that even your little to struggle day and night to follow civic life and safe life as company which was born and raised in Yokohama helps.

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