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Main movement of international business operation

Last update date September 9, 2020


We disseminate information of main movement of international business operation of Yokohama in Japanese and English in Yokohama-shi International Affairs Bureau as "YOKOHAMA INTERNATIONAL DIGEST" from 2016! As we will send approach of international business operation of Motoichi and useful information for not only residence in Yokohama-shi but also overseas all of you clearly, please see by all means!

The International Affairs Bureau publishes collections of the city's major international projects in the "YOKOHAMA INTERNATIONAL DIGEST." Starting in April 2017, updates will also be posted in English. We report international projects and other information related to Yokohama that we hope you will find useful and interesting.

In addition, even Facebook sends information about international business operation at any time.
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Yokohama-shi International Affairs Bureau International Affairs Bureau (the outside site)

Issue date Title (Japanese, English writing together) Bilingual edition (Japanese, English) of DIGEST

September 9, 2020 issue
September 9, 2020 Edition

Volunteer of policy study postgraduate course university young people leaders program visited Yokohama-shi. (PDF: 935KB)
Japanese, English writing together Bilingual edition

List of 3-month issuance ever
Issue date Title of DIGEST

August 31, 2020 issue

August 31, 2020 Edition

We established support base of local Japanese education in Yokohama-shi International Association. (PDF: 854KB)

Japanese, English writing together Bilingual edition

July 8, 2020 issue
July 8, 2020 Edition

We attended online international conference under the theme of recovery from SDGs practice and corona crisis. (PDF: 920KB)

Japanese, English writing together Bilingual edition

June 12, 2020 issue
June 12, 2020 Edition

It is for new coronavirus-related report feature with overseas office. (PDF: 990KB)

Japanese, English writing together Bilingual edition

May 29, 2020 issue
May 29, 2020 Edition

We look back on Yokohama blitzkrieg 75 years ago and introduce approach of international peace of Yokohama-shi. (PDF: 388KB)

Japanese, English writing together Bilingual edition

April 27, 2020 issue

April 27, 2020 Edition

We send information about new coronavirus for foreigners living in the city. (PDF: 633KB)

Japanese, English writing together Bilingual edition

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