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About charm of psychology job

In Yokohama-shi, we began employment examination by psychology job division in 2019. It was adopted as social welfare job and brought up the staff engaged in psychological support from the staff with large field of vision of the welfare until now. There is place of achievement in plural domains including the welfare and education in Motoichi, and there is climate which can raise various groups and specialty.

Last update date March 11, 2020

Environment where is continued maturing into

Including super by from the boss and senior, we perform upbringing that accepted experience such as the training in the workplace by lecturer at outside, the dispatch type training to the outside engine other than mutual study between the staff, periodical case conference in each workplace. Particularly, as for the new adoption staff, skill up is doing possible personnel training progressively while receiving careful instruction from staff of senior from psychology study implementation to views making for several months after assignment. In addition, we can enlarge place of achievement as responsibility job more after having cultivated knowledge and experience.

Collaboration with other types of job

We collaborate with other specialists including social welfare job and doctor, health nurse and support from a variety of viewpoints. From psychological viewpoint, we examine policy and contents for right protection and the best benefit of consultation eligible people by other types of job and team and support. We understand each other's specialty, and team support to supplement, and to toss is attractive one.

Place of achievement across the domain

Plural elementary school student feeling Masaji is assigned to each children's guidance office of four city. In addition, psychology job plays an active part in places such as welfare facilities or Education Counseling. We open field of vision as post of psychology that to step over the welfare domain and education domain, and there are personnel transfers, commits in administration and can wear wide knowledge and technique.

Assignment of psychology job

Child and Youth Bureau
 ・Each child consultation center counselor's office (four city)

We perform nursing consultation, abuse correspondence, delinquency, consultation of truancy, stop-at-home, foster parent support, support to child with a disability. We perform psychology diagnosis of child and parent, psychology treatment, cooperation, consultation with related organizations as elementary school student feeling Masaji.

Board of Education Secretariat
 ・Special support education synthesis center

We take special support education consultation. We collaborate with inspector (teacher) and other specialists (member of Education Counseling, physical therapist) and perform examination of psychology, psychology support as psychology job.

 ・Education synthesis consultation center

We take support to Education Counseling and truancy elementary school student student. In cooperation with school or each ward office Children and Families Support Division, we perform truancy, friend relations, character action, family relations, specialized consultation about psychology of primary and secondary student including discipline.

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