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Last update date March 19, 2019

Hello, it is Yokohama-shi board of elections.

Did you know board of elections?

We are managing office work so that election is held justly and appropriately. Only at the time of election, we always manage electoral list and raise political awareness and publicize importance of election.
We manage polling place and, commencing with reception desk office work of candidate, run and, during election period, are doing work such as performing vote office work, the official counting of votes office work.

Emblem copy

What will happen when we image election? What kind of copy will it touch heart of qualified voter with if we call?
From such thought, Yokohama-shi board of elections raised emblem and copies in 1984 (Showa 59).
We posted poster on bus, the inside of car of subway, and product distributed "public information Yokohama" election feature to all households. As a result, there was application of 1,541 points, 1,109 people on 512 points, 364 people, copy in emblem.

Emblem chose six points of excellent products after the first examination by expert and decided to decide the best work by civic vote. We installed ballot box in station, department store, supermarket, bank, post office in the city and called for vote. And it gets civic participation more than 70,000 votes of total votes, and it is this mark that was chosen.

It is ikotto for election! "ikotto"

We produced mascot for enlightenment to make election familiar in 1988 (Showa 63) and raised nicknames appropriate for this from citizen widely. About 2,000 points of plans were sent for open call for participants, and "ikotto" was chosen as top flight.
"ikotto" is lighthouse. It is election and democratic mascot lighting up tomorrow of port town, Yokohama brightly.
Announcement was Naka Ward member of city assembly by-election of January, 1989 (Heisei 1). "ikotto" appears before citizen by plastic large doll including sewing, illustration to printed matter afterward.

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