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Business introduction

Last update date January 31, 2019

Image of election enlightenment business
Election enlightenment business

Yokohama-shi board of elections regular enlightenment business

●Consciousness enlightenment business about politics and election
We utilize public information mediums such as homepages and send information that featured the theme of "politics, election" to each generation.

●Gathering to celebrate Coming-of-Age Day
We appeal to new adult including appeal in astrovision inside and outside the "gathering to celebrate Coming-of-Age Day" venue (Yokohama Arena) for importance and vote participation of election.

Photograph in gathering venue celebrating Coming-of-Age Day
Gathering to celebrate Coming-of-Age Day

Photograph of election enlightenment in venue
Election enlightenment in venue

●Enlightenment teaching materials distribution "another three years" to junior high student

Photograph of enlightenment teaching materials "another three years" to junior high student
Enlightenment teaching materials "another three years" to junior high student

We distribute social studies vice-teaching materials "another three years" when we explained importance of politics and election to all junior high school third graders in Yokohama-shi clearly. In school education, we enlighten to junior high student becoming future qualified voter.

●Board of elections HP utilization enlightenment
In the homepage, we call for beautiful election and vote participation and offer the latest information about election. We change contents of homepage depending on opportunity.

●Enlightenment panel notice

Photograph of enlightenment panel
Enlightenment panel

We notify panel calling for beautiful election and vote participation in each station of subway. Panel changes contents depending on opportunity.
Notice place: Seven pieces of neighborhood of subway wicket 6 Station (whole year notice)

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