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New coronavirus infection related to "living, economic measure"

Last update date June 12, 2020

In Yokohama-shi, we installed "living, economic measure team" for examination, report of civic life by infection spread of new coronavirus infectious disease and influence on company relaxation, recovery plan in new model coronavirus task force.

"Living, economic measure" (June 12, 2020 announcement)

"Keeping Yokohama economy and civic life" is three pillars of "we work on new daily life", and, toward realization of reinforcement and economic revitalization of infectious disease measures, "protecting medical care with citizen" pushes forward approach.

"Living, economic measure" (April 28, 2020 announcement)

Toward securing of security, relief of prevention and civic life of infection spread, we gathered up urgent approach at three pillars of "maintenance of preventive measures against infection spread and the medical offer system" "support of civic life" "support of company, operation".

New coronavirus infectious disease living, economic measure
Summary of living, economic measure

About publication business

About special Supplementary Income Payment

About temporarily special benefit to child care household

About securing of house benefit

To all of the companies (support menu)

  • Common inquiry about May revised budget recording business
  • Special management consultation counter for the city medium and small-sized businesses
  • Yokohama-shi new model coronavirus infectious disease-response fund
  • In the new coronavirus infectious disease correspondence malls, it is activity support project
  • Support projects (small companies) such as new coronavirus infectious disease-response small companies (start-up company)
  • Improvement in workplace environment support grants <there is telework introduction exception for new coronavirus infectious disease measures>

Culture artwork emergency support projects (the outside site) such as artists in the city
One stop consultation-response business (the outside site) to artist creators
City sightseeing, MICE-related company emergency support project (the outside site)

List of support menus

Postponement of payment, reduction of taxes such as utilities

Targeting at people whom payment such as utilities is troubling under the influence of new coronavirus infectious disease in Yokohama-shi about postponement of payment or reduction of taxes is consulted, and touch.

As you may provide consultation as well as thing publishing here, please ask jurisdiction department.

Publication item

  • City tax (personal municipal tax, corporation municipal tax, light motor vehicles tax (keijidosha-zei), property tax, urban planning tax, office tax)
  • Land building rent (Finance Bureau)
  • Issuance fee (Civic Affairs Bureau, Finance Bureau) of copying, resident certificate items mentioned certificate, Seal Registration proof, city tax proof of resident certificate
  • Worker welfare mutual aid latch (latch of welfare program business "Hama furendo" for the city medium and small-sized businesses)
  • The market facility fee for use
  • Nursery school fee (childcare charges)
  • The mother and the child father and son widow welfare fund loan (loan for independence support of mother, motherless family)
  • National Health Insurance charges
  • Elderly aged 75 or over medical care premium
  • Long-term Care Insurance Premium
  • National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin) premium
  • The park fee for use
  • Water rate, sewerage system usage fee
  • Wastes processing fee, industrial waste disposal expense
  • The Municipal Housing fee for use
  • Municipal Housing deposit
  • Municipal bicycle parking lot rearranging fee
  • Road and belonging private use charges
  • Land rent (Road and Highway Bureau)
  • The harbor facilities fee for use
  • Land building rent (Port and Harbor Bureau)
  • Area of the sea private use charges (Port and Harbor Bureau)

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