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We carry out "entertainment for Yokohama citizen and investigation about lifestyle"

Last update date December 10, 2019

Yokohama-shi will perform entertainment and fact-finding about lifestyle that dependencies such as gambles in city estimate ratio of doubted person and connect with concrete measures such as the future prevention and enlightenment, consultation support. We randomly selected 74-year-old person, 3,000 people from Basic Resident Register from 18 years old to live in the city in eligible people on carrying out investigation.

We will carry out investigation from around the middle of December, 2019 through around the end of January, 2020, but visit in request of cooperation after investigator of investigation conduct engine which city entrusted with mailed written request beforehand.

As investigator changes the date and time and visits several times, there is not need to have to wait.
We put memo when we visit in absence.
In addition, as for this investigation, investigator of charge visits home and has you answer in interview on the spot.

As for the detailed contents of investigation conduct, please see homepage of specialized research institute "general sentiment science association" (yoronkagakukyokai) entrusting with conduct of this investigation.

Homepage (the outside site) of association of general sentiment science

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