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About held result of prior briefing session about "request for reporting about IR" (unification type resort)

Last update date June 9, 2020

Held result of prior briefing session

Held summary

On the date

Monday, August 20, 2018 from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00

Holding place

Kannai Arai hall (Kannai the eleventh floor of Arai Building)


Person of registration 22 (breakdown: person of person of IR administration company 9, developer 6, person of 7 including other makers)


2.Explanation such as the situation of Yokohama-shi, reporting request item (questionnaire)
3.Questions and answers

Distribution material

Summary of questions and answers

There is saying "participation, nonparticipation of this matter does not become a target of evaluation of Yokohama-shi" with 34 pages of explanation materials, but what should company give information to Yokohama-shi in incentive (motive) in?

We think that we would like cooperation after having had you understand that it is request at stage when we do not judge when Yokohama-shi introduces IR and does not do. It is thing hanging burden to all of the companies having you cooperate, but asks valuable information explaining to citizens based on it being.

When you are concerned about outflow even if economic ripple effect or profit and loss are company know-how and they turn down company name and announce, can you not have public announcement wait?

Also, it being in material explaining IR to citizens as for the information to have you provide, it is information that grounds are important in meaning of two of it being to one of judgment materials which Yokohama-shi introduces IR, and do not do. We want to have you cooperate with reporting with grounds that you can announce in principle from such a point. As we think that company know-how becomes jam-packed information, we call and want to perform opinion of companies where information was provided about method of summaries and public announcements such as working papers in consideration for ten minutes.

We want you to tell public announcement image of company name of 32 pages of explanation materials concretely.

For example, separately from information that had you provide, we think that we make company name which had the end of a volume of working papers cooperate list.

In making methods such as questionnaires of 31 pages of explanation materials, we want you to tell flexibility of style including mention method and attached documents to questionnaire.

As style in particular does not determine about attached documents, you may have you make freely, but the number of submissions would like to 20 pages with A4 size.

By making methods such as questionnaires of 31 pages of explanation materials, [item 1] ... [item 5] is to reply all, but can you not participate when you do not reply all?

As it is purpose, purpose that wants you to give information to total about IR, we think that we will reply all items. For example, I would like reporting in form to be managed as one package which included business profitability of IR.

State of briefing session venue
State of venue

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