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About result of "entertainment for Yokohama citizen and investigation about lifestyle"

We carried out "entertainment for Yokohama citizen and investigation about lifestyle" to grasp the actual situation about dependency such as gambles in Motoichi in Yokohama-shi. We will tell as findings was finished.

Last update date April 10, 2020

Summary of investigation

 * Subjects of survey: 3,000 man and woman random sampling that is 74 years old 18 years old in Yokohama-shi or older
 * It is targeted for extraction: We randomly select from Basic Resident Register of city 208 spots
 * Investigation method: Interview investigation
 * Investigation period: From December, 2019 to March, 2020
 * The number of the answers: 1,263 (42.1% of recoveries)

Point of findings

About ratio of "where dependencies such as gambles are doubted"

  Ratio estimation of "person that dependencies such as gambles were doubted" based on experience such as gambles within the past one year was 0.5% of adults.  

About "most gambles using money"

  It was "pachinko pinball-style slot machine" about gambles using money best.

About "bet (one month average) within the past one year of where dependencies such as gambles are doubted"

 250,000 yen (※ 1), the median were (※ 2) 30,000 yen for one month on the average.
  ※The amount of 1 average includes "margin trading of securities or investment in futures trading market" large amount item. Average except expensive item was 30,000 yen for one month.
  ※When 2 medians displayed data in order of size, they are values to be located in the overall center.

Investigation-related material

* Findings report this (PDF: 170KB)
* Questionnaire this (PDF: 532KB)

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