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The mayor message

Last update date March 30, 2020

Yokohama-shi looks forward to your challenge

 We continue challenging in a wide variety of fields that Yokohama-shi lasts as the the Japan's biggest basics local government that 3.74 million citizen's all of you spend in the future and creates sustainable city models. Is chosen and looks after security, relief of citizen's all of you and anyone seems to be oneself lively and lives and right works on "SDGs city of the future" leading approach of "sustainable development target SDGs" which the United Nations adopted for social realization that can play an active part in "team Yokohama".

 We support life of "all all of you living in Yokohama", and the leading role creating new value, service is staff each one working in Yokohama-shi. Needs demanded from child care support and education, disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage, medical care, the welfare, administration including multicultural symbiosis continue changing variously while they face new situation including progress of population decline, super-aged society. We take change flexibly, and job that we make the future facing each all of you together and give of citizen overflows in worth doing.

 Including "garden necklace Yokohama", we hold international exhibition "Yokohama Triennale" of modern art once in three years and create further bustle in town and send charm of Yokohama to home and abroad widely this year. In addition, measure that piled up until now including town development that improvement of traffic network by opening of Yokohama northwest line, international gardening exhibition invitation of 2027 fixed their eyes on is realized, and bustle and vitality of Yokohama have been further increasing.

 Field where everybody can play an active part greatly spreads. In this June, the new city hall opens and pushes forward work-style reform. We realize will and dream of everybody in Yokohama-shi and will make the new times together.

It is photograph of Mayor Hayashi.

The Mayor of Yokohama Fumiko Hayashi

Our contents are things as of March, 2020.

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