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Examination guidance, brochure

Last update date July 6, 2020

Examination guidance


Offer division, eligibility requirements for an examination or test subject are listed in examination guidance. Please confirm contents by all means before proposing.

About eligibility requirements for an examination


 It is cover of Yokohama-shi staff adoption brochure.

It is cover of member of Yokohama-shi tech job adoption brochure.

It is cover of social welfare job, psychology job introduction brochure "accompaniment.".

It is cover of post of health nurse introduction brochure "trust.".

Yokohama-shi health nurse introduction brochure (PDF: 5,550KB)
Yokohama-shi health nurse introduction "trust."
(we publish brochure contents with text in description of ※ top link page.)

It is cover of recruitment of staff of fire station brochure.

It is cover of water supply tech job adoption brochure.

Main distribution place of brochure

Personnel Commission Secretartiat
Citizen's information center
The city 18 ward office Public Relations Section ※
The city service counter in the city hall ※
※Yokohama-shi staff adoption guidance 2020 "start." Only member of, Yokohama-shi tech job adoption guidance arranges.

About request for material by mail


We prepare self-addressed envelope of size (corner type 2) to enter without breaking documents of 1 A4 seal.
We write own zip code, Address, full name to 2 self-addressed envelopes (corner type 2) and put return postage on the envelope. (rate of stamp refers to list of charges as follows)

List of charges (brochure)



Social welfare

Health nurse


Rate 210 yen 210 yen 120 yen 120 yen 140 yen

List of charges (examination guidance)
Examination name Only as for the examination guidance

Examination guidance
+ Start brochure

Examination guidance
+ Technical brochure

Examination guidance
+ Social welfare brochure

Examination guidance
+ Health nurse brochure

Examination guidance
+ Firefighting brochure

University graduate degree employment examination [technical precedent conduct frame] 120 yen 210 yen 210 yen - - -
Employment examinations such as university graduate degree 140 yen 250 yen 210 yen 140 yen 140 yen 210 yen
High-school graduate degree, employment examination including license qualification job 120 yen 210 yen 210 yen - - 140 yen
Member of society employment examination 140 yen 210 yen

210 yen

140 yen - -

We intended for generation for glacial epoch
Employment examination

120 yen 210 yen - - - -
Adoption selection for impaired people 140 yen 210 yen - - - -

We prepare paper (style does not matter.) which listed 3 Phone number or e-mail address.
We prepare envelope according to 4 and put paper of self-addressed envelope of procedure 2 and procedure 3 inside. ※We may inform of billing information.
We fill in address on table of 5 envelopes. In addition, rubrication does examination, division name and material name which you wish to request (we fill out by all means in the year) to hope for.
  Addresses are as follows. We write own Address, full name on the back of the envelope.

Zip code: 231-0005
Address: 6-50-10, Honcho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi
Address: City of Yokohama, Personnel Commission Secretartiat appointment section

(example) when person in hope of desk work division of employment examination such as university graduate degree requests examination guidance and start brochure
→"Request as for the university graduate degree in 2020 for employment examination desk work examination guidance, start brochure"


※Examination, division name, desired material name, please list sending exactly by all means. When there is not accurate mention, we cannot send back definitely.
※The above is the postage as of October 1, 2019.

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