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[press release] Wakamono Innovation Network 2019 - care digital hackathon in Yokohama - excellence team accompanies for becoming sequentially, and they support social implementation of decision solution!

Last update date July 22, 2020

Press release material

July 22, 2020

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 In care digital hackathon in Yokohama (sponsorship: Wakamono Innovation Network 2019 executive committee/support: Yokohama-shi Policy Bureau), student of Yokohama College of Pharmacy with interest, interest, information science technical school, Yokohama rehabilitation technical school makes combined team for innovation in the field of care, development of STEM education, the policy formation based on design thought and is approach that challenged various problems of care.
On July 12, 2020, examination result presentation of team which participated in this hackathon was held.
 In idea examination of each team, there was full-scale backup of care tech opening laboratory Yokohama that knew the spot of care and ICT well and greatly opened possibility of idea embodiment.
Various main constituents including care tech opening laboratory Yokohama support students, and society implementation of solution born by this hackathon will aim at making in future.

Press release material

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Telephone: 045-671-4394

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