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Message for healthcare workers accompanied with new coronavirus infection spread from Fumiko Hayashi The Mayor of Yokohama

Last update date April 16, 2020


The message whole sentence

 Healthcare workers
 It is Fumiko Hayashi of the mayor.

 We sincerely show respect for effort of healthcare workers working every day in the front line of fight with new coronavirus regardless of the night and day. On behalf of Yokohama citizen, we sincerely offer my gratitude.
 A sense of duty as your healthcare worker and devoted effort support life of Yokohama citizen until now while anyone has big anxiety for situation that we have not experienced.

 We established "infectious disease, medical adjustment headquarters Y-CERT" (waisato) newly that Yokohama-shi prevented medical collapse somehow or other and supported all of you totally. This team is medical institution and Yokohama-shi's original organization in the city to adjust closely so that necessary positive patient of hospitalization can receive medical care that was correct for condition.
 Yokohama-shi was able to find about 500 beds by medical care-affiliated cooperation in the city including municipal hospital, Yokohama city minato Red Cross Hospital, City University Hospital, City University center Hospital as bed that accepted patients with serious case, medium grade symptom.
 In addition, we assume acceptance of about 200 no symptoms and mild patients and utilize former ward after municipal hospital move newly as accommodation medical treatment facility. Furthermore, for acceptance of citizen's all of you, Shonankokusaimura center or APA Hotel & resort Yokohama bay tower conjugate in cooperation with the prefecture, too. We will work with every effort as Yokohama-shi in future to push forward inflection of new facility, and to prevent medical collapse.

 In addition, for all of you and your family who risk the life, and work, there are people pouring heartless slander slander. This is serious human rights violations, absolute. I strongly appeal so that there is not such a thing.

 All of you made an effort for desperately day and night in clinical practice that feeling of strain adds to day by day, thank you very much.
 We will make power for securing of hazmat suit or mask which are short in clinical practice as Yokohama-shi as hard as possible.
 Your power is the most necessary to get over this critical situation. Thank you for your cooperation.

Fumiko Hayashi The Mayor of Yokohama signature

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