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The number of outbreak situation data, consultation of positive patient in Yokohama-shi

Last update date July 4, 2020

The outbreak situation of positive patient in Yokohama-shi, data of the number of consultation are as follows.
Please refer to the outbreak situation of patient infected with new coronavirus in Yokohama-shi for list of outbreak situation (Yokohama-shi example).

The situation (at July 4) of positive patient

The situation of positive patient
The positive number of patients 640 people
Asymptomatic 11 people
Slight illness 57 people
Medium grade symptom Seven people
Serious case Six people
Under investigation 0 people
The death 45 people
Discharges 514 people

The outbreak situation (at July 4) of positive patient

12/640 number of patients [daily payment/total] positive at at July 4

Symptom (at July 4) at the time of positive decision

The distinction outbreak situation (the patient location) (at July 3)

Tsurumi Ward 41 people
Kanagawa Ward 28 people
Nishi Ward 17 people
Naka Ward 43 people
Minami Ward 22 people
Konan Ward 25 people
Hodogaya Ward 32 people
Asahi Ward 68 people
Isogo Ward 22 people
Kanazawa Ward 26 people
Kohoku Ward 43 people
Midori Ward 27 people
Aoba Ward 47 people
Tsuzuki Ward   19 people
Totsuka Ward 29 people
Sakae Ward Five people
Izumi Ward 28 people
Seya Ward 50 people
The suburbs 56 people
The total 628 people

Yokohama-shi telephone consultation counter (at June 28)

The number of the polymerase chain reaction tests

The study implementation situation (total) (at June 28)
Institute for health

The number of the inspection enforcers (people)
(※ 1)

The number of study implementation (matter)  3,422

The number of the inspection enforcers with medical institution (private inspection organizations) (people)
(※ 2)


The number of the inspection enforcers in simple specimen collection place (people)
(※ 3)


The total number of inspection enforcers (people) 
(※ 1) + (※ 2) + (※ 3)


We are released for preliminary figure and may be revised as decision data later.
(※ 1) We include 282 inspection enforcer total numbers of persons in conjunction with DP crewman visitor, crew, number of the examinations of total of study implementation 383 (as of July 3)
(※ 2) The number of people (as of July 3) that the number of the inspection enforcers with medical institution (private inspection organization and in-hospital inspection) was reported in Yokohama-shi after April 1
Please refer to new coronavirus polymerase chain reaction test state of implementation (PDF: 404KB) in Yokohama City Inst. of Health.

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