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Neighborhood SNS "is various"

Last update date March 26, 2019

Neighborhood SNS "to be various"

"It is various" is Social Networking Service that neighborhood that can change information about neighboring and child care or recommended shop is limited. Gusset gusset develops and runs.

Neighborhood SNS images screen of "it is various"

When they are various, and various information about Yokohama-shi published in clicks the following link, we can confirm. We can read all information when we have you register. (external link)

Characteristic of service

Identity verification & real name registration by 1 SMS certification

We perform identity verification by the SMS certification using cell-phone number at the time of service use start to use in security, relief. Identity verification will register in real name after the completion.

Use of 2 range limits to neighborhood

It is structure that town to live and users living in neighboring areas can take communication as neighborhood. We cannot read contribution of user living in town beyond established range.

3 registration fee and fee are free

Service is available to user and the local governments free.

Information of Yokohama-shi that "is various", and is seen

  • Municipal administration information
  • News from city
  • Various event information

Registration method

  1. We access "various" (the outside site) and input zip code and click "search in area to live".
  2. We check chome of house ino Address and we input e-mail address and password and transmit.
  3. We input the certification cord which reached SMS (show Tome message service), and identity verification is completed.
  4. We input profiles such as the names and we register and are completed.

Various homepage ( (outside site))

Instructions about registration

We concluded agreement about "the various for local government"

Yokohama-shi concluded gusset gusset which was operator and "agreement about the various for local government" about utilization of "it is various" on January 7, 2019.
Because effect such as activation of enhancement and area community of disseminating information to citizen's all of you mainly on child care generation is expected by utilization of "it is various", we utilize neighborhood SNS as one of the public information mediums.

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