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Yokohama-shi LINE official account operation policy

Last update date November 30, 2020

Before use of service of Yokohama-shi LINE official account, please confirm operational policy which you set about the handling of personal information by all means.


This operational policy determined policy that Yokohama-shi applied Yokohama-shi LINE official account (we say "our account" as follows.).


Yokohama-shi tells users about various information about Yokohama-shi including citizen in our account in communication application "LINE" which LINE Corporation provides and LINE platform widely and copes with various inquiries and applications.

Service contents (at November, 2020)

  1. Information distribution in conjunction with new coronavirus infectious disease
  2. Confirmation, application for fees of oversized garbage, confirmation, change, cancellation of application contents
  3. Garbage separation guidance
  4. Advertisement delivery about various business of Motoichi
  5. In addition, Motoichi admits that it is suitable

Answer to posted comment

To comment posted on our account, we do not make an in principle individual reply except automatic answer and answer by operator.
Operator replies autoanswer 24 hours a day, every day from 8:30 a.m. of Monday through Saturday (except New Year holidays) to 5:00 p.m.
As of November, 2020, contents of autoanswer support only inquiry about garbage collection by category guidance and application for oversized garbage.
In addition, please use "suggestion from citizen" about opinion, suggestion to Yokohama-shi.

Personal information

About collection, the use, management of personal information in our account, we handle based on the regulations (February, 2005 Yokohama-shi regulations No. 6) about protection of Yokohama-shi personal information appropriately as follows.

With personal information

It is information about individual whom Yokohama-shi caught offer through our account, and it says thing which it is possible for "(person of = world public knows these information with specific personal thing) thing that other descriptions distinguish individual of" identification by (Address, Phone number, title) on full name, the date of birth.
In addition, those information corresponds to "personal information" when specific individual is distinguished even if it is not revealed by information of none of nothing authorized individual by putting some these information and information that generally is announced together.

Collection of personal information

When Yokohama-shi collects personal information through our account, as a general rule, we shall collect from user and, as a general rule, do not collect personal information that might cause information about thought, creed, religion and social discrimination again.

We set a limit to the use purpose and the use of personal information

As a general rule, we state the use purpose clearly to user and, also, use personal information that we collected within the use purpose that we showed clearly beforehand. In addition, as a general rule, we do not perform what we use personal information that we collected across range of the use purpose or we provide outside the city.
But, about statistics information not to include personal information, we make as needed or may contribute to others.

Management of personal information

About personal information that Yokohama-shi collected, we manage severely and take appropriate measures against prevention such as leak, unjust outflow, manipulation. We remove about personal information that became unnecessary of preservation about the use purpose surely and immediately.


  1. We are absolutely sure in accuracy of information to send in our account, but, using information sent to in our account, Yokohama-shi does not take at all responsibility about all acts that user performs.
  2. About trouble between user and third party whom we produced due to information sent to in our account or the damage that we put on, Yokohama-shi does not take responsibility at all.
  3. About comment for our account posted by user, Yokohama-shi does not take responsibility at all.
  4. In addition, Yokohama-shi does not take responsibility about any damage that we produced in conjunction with our account at all.

Change of operational policy

About operational policy of our account, we may change without notice beforehand. We publish this latest operational policy in Yokohama-shi web page.

About cancellation of account and contents change

Our account may change cancellation or contents without notice.

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Thing about management of account

The City of Yokohama, Civic Affairs Bureau public relations section

Telephone: 045-671-2349
FAX: 045-661-2351
E-Mail address [email protected]

Thing about application for oversized garbage

City of Yokohama, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau Operations Section

Telephone: 045-671-3815
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E-Mail address [email protected]

Thing about garbage separation

City of Yokohama, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau 3R promotion section

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FAX: 045-550-3510
E-Mail address [email protected]

Thing about advertisement delivery of Yokohama walking point

City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau health business section

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FAX: 0120-580-376
E-Mail address [email protected]

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Telephone: 045-671-2349

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