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2020 version

We introduce public information Yokohama City version that we issued in 2020.

Last update date July 3, 2020

Only for text data for public information Yokohama city after October, 2016 issue, we admit the second use such as reproduction, copy, redistribution, modification subject to indication of the source.
The source copies the following, and please use ※●You input applicable time into this, and you link to the source former page, and please set.

 The source: Yokohama-shi "public information Yokohama ● age ● month issue"


Data (PDF, HTML file) for public information Yokohama city except text data are not open data.
Text data before September, 2016 issue are not open data.
When we confirm the use beyond permission range and the inappropriate use more than purposes of dispatch, community of information, we prohibit the use.
Because collect inflection examples of open data, and want to be cool for future measure, on the use of right or wrong, problem would appreciate your letting know to Yokohama-shi Public Affairs Division e-mail address ([email protected]) as far as there is not.

Public information Yokohama July, 2020 issue

PDF version

Text version

Public information Yokohama June, 2020 issue

Mention contents of public information Yokohama June issue had correction.

[correction contents]

①Two "new coronavirus infectious disease "living, economic measure"

"Other support" column

Explanation of the text of "supply of allowance for injuries and diseases" was short.

(after the correction) When we are absent from companies by member of National Health Insurance is infected with new coronavirus infectious disease or there being symptoms such as fever, and infection being doubted, and enough salaries cannot receive from business owner
(before correction) When enough salaries cannot receive companies from business owner for new coronavirus infectious disease on holiday

[inquiry] Ward office Insurance and Pension Division of township

Please refer to employee health insurance of each workplace for member of employee health insurance except National Health Insurance.

 ※As for the details about contents, please see supply (new coronavirus infectious disease connection) of allowance for injuries and diseases.

②13 "hama information"

"Welfare, advanced age" column

Title of "recruitment of person city officials with impaired body"

(plus) recruitment of impaired person city officials
Recruitment of person city officials (mistakenly) with impaired body

[inquiry] Personnel Commission Secretartiat appointment section
Telephone: 671-3347 FAX: 641-2757

We apologize and correct.

Public information Yokohama May, 2020 issue

Public information Yokohama April, 2020 issue

PDF version

Text version

Public information Yokohama March, 2020 issue

PDF version

Text version

Public information Yokohama February, 2020 issue

Public information Yokohama January, 2020 issue

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