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External audit system

Last update date June 29, 2020

Summary of inspection from the outside

In Yokohama-shi, we introduced external audit system (27 of Local Government Act Article 252) from April, 1999. External audit system is system to receive inspection as inspector in private experts to strengthen inspection function. This has inclusion inspection from the outside and individual inspection from the outside.

Inclusion inspection from the outside
Outside inspector decides inspection theme and, about financing desk work of Yokohama-shi and thing that Yokohama-shi performs financial assistance, inspects. Page of inclusion inspection from the outside result
Individual inspection from the outside
In the inspection based on request for request for inhabitants inspection or demand, we can demand inspection by outside inspector replacing with inspection by checkup committee.

About inclusion inspection from the outside of 2020

Inclusion outside inspector
Takashi Tanemura (certified public accountant)
Inspection theme
About management of the sewer business

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