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Last update date June 10, 2020

About inspection

What kind of thing do you do with Q1. inspection?

What does type of Q2. inspection include?

What kind of thing do you do with Q3. financial statements examination?

What do Q4. financial assistance groups have inspection of?

What is examination such as the Q5. restoration judgment ratios?

What is Q6. cash accounting inspection?

About checkup committee

What is job of Q7. checkup committee?

What kind of person becomes Q8. checkup committee?

What kind of person is Q9. Chief Audit Commissioner?

About inspection result

After having done Q10. inspection, what happens?

Can you see Q11. inspection result?

Can you see inspection result before Q12.?

About request for inhabitants inspection

About inspection from the outside

What kind of system is Q17. inspection from the outside?

How do you perform Q18. inclusion inspection from the outside?


About answer inspection


Tax that had 1 citizen put is used effectively definitely or, also, we check whether business of city is performed justly and by announcing the result, plan improvement of reliability of municipal administration administration.


2 checkup committees assume inspection to perform, and there is inspection such as periodical inspection, financial assistance group. In addition, examination, cash accounting inspection includes examination, the restoration judgment ratio of financial statements examination, the fund operation situation.
In addition, outside inspector assumes inspection to perform besides, and there is inspection from the outside according to inclusion inspection from the outside, unit.


Every 3 confirms calculation based on financial statements referred to examination in the fiscal year by the mayor, other tables concerned and examines whether the execution and accounting of budget are appropriate and are performed effectively.


When 4 checkup committees admit that they are necessary or when there is demand of the mayor, we inspect about group where city gives financial support, investment, payment guarantor, trustee of trust and designated manager of public facility.


We confirm documents which listed the basics of restoration judgment ratio referred to examination by 5 mayors and lack of funds ratio and calculation and matter that it is and examine whether the ratio is calculated appropriately.
Reference: Please refer to Finance Section homepage for the restoration judgment ratio and the lack of funds ratio.


6 accounts managers confirm calculation, and they inspect the storage situation for the receipt and disbursement of cash of the cash receipt and disbursement organization every month.

About answer checkup committee


7 checkup committees inspect management of business that management of the execution of desk work about financial affairs of city and city requires. In addition, we can inspect about the execution of desk work of city when we admit that it is necessary.
In inspection, we achieve the biggest effect for minimum expense about paperwork of city or we note rationalization of organization, administration whether you act and perform.


About election of 8 checkup committees, the mayor appoints from person, member of the Diet having superior knowledge and opinion about administrative administration with the approval of assembly.
In Yokohama-shi, three people having knowledge and opinion, five people of two members of the Diet in total are appointed.


Chief Audit Commissioner as of 9 took office as Chief Audit Commissioner in Yokohama City University's emeritus professors on June 1, 2020.

About answer inspection result


After having performed 10 inspection, we report the result in Yokohama-shi assembly and The Mayor of Yokohama.
In addition, desk work and business that received indication are improved based on inspection result as needed.


You can see in the library in "citizen's information center" and Yokohama-shi on 11 the third floor of the city hall.
In addition, you can see on homepage of Yokohama-shi.


You can see in "citizen's information center" and "the Chuo-toshokan" on 12 the third floor of the city hall, but please confirm as you may not see by the distribution of books situation and the situation of rental about "Chuo-toshokan" immediately.

About request for answer inhabitants inspection


When fact to neglect in act in financial accounting including expenditure of illegal or unfair public money by the staff of city or financial accounting admits that there is, 13 citizens are systems to request inspection from checkup committee.


It is necessary to be citizen as of 14 inspection request days. In addition, we lose qualification as inspection claimant before inspection result is given when it is not citizen.


When it is admitted that there is, we demand inspection, and expenditure of illegal or unfair public money by the staff of 15 cities, management of property, act in financial accountings such as the conclusion of contract or fact to neglect can request necessary measures from checkup committee.


When checkup committee discusses after having accepted request for 16 inhabitants inspection whether you adapt yourself to "A13" of this inspection Q&A ... "A15" and comprises requirements, we carry out inspection.

About answer inspection from the outside


We were introduced by revision of Local Government Act to strengthen 17 inspection functions, and are system to receive inspection as inspector in private experts.
In Yokohama-shi, we introduce from 1999.


We choose oneself inspection theme, and inspector having specialized knowledge of 18 outside inspects about financing desk work of Yokohama-shi and thing that Yokohama-shi performs financial assistance.

Answer and others


It is installed based on 19 Local Government Act and, in response to command of checkup committee, engages in desk work about checkup committee.


The staff of 20 Audit and Inspection Commission Secretariat assists checkup committee through performing collection, analysis of inspection material.
There are chief of the bureau or younger, all the members 41, and the staff says with the system which can carry out mobile inspection in flat led by project manager. (as of April 13, 2020)

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