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Specific request record, public announcement system

Last update date March 25, 2019

Summary of 1 system

About things demanding oral requests such as telephone or interview put to Motoichi and act (including inaction) to spoil the execution of fair duties of the staff among pressure, head of ward station compliance authorizes with "identification request" and by announcing correspondence that contents and city performed, restrain unfair pressure to city and is system to plan improvement of reliability to administration.
About the appropriate nature of correspondence method to specific request, we can get unjust prevention inside report and advice of identification request record, public announcement system committee.
※This system does not restrict fair activity of individual and group.

With 2 specific requests

The next act corresponds.

  1. Act for raising for accomplishment of duties of the staff next
  • You are advantageous or do the disadvantageous handling for specific thing
  • You let you perform thing without duty for specific thing or disturb the use of right
  • Leak secret that you were able to know in duties
  • Do not carry out by time limit that does not carry out duties that you should carry out or was set
  • Perform that you violate other laws and ordinances or that you are against ethic to affect service of the staff
  1. Act that it is admitted that we disturb the execution of fair duties of the staff
  2. Act equivalent to administrative target violence
  3. Act that it is necessary we share information for security of the execution of fair duties of the staff or appropriate administration administration other than thing to raise in the above systematically, and to cope

Public announcement of 3 specific request records

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