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Injustice prevention inside report system

Last update date March 25, 2019

Summary of 1 system

It is system to receive the inside report about illegal acts in administrative administration that the staff was able to know to plan fairness, fair officiation and transparency of municipal administration administration. Prevention of injustice inside report which is third-party organization by well-informed person and identification request record, public announcement system committee are installed on this occasion to secure viewpoint to protect so that person whom we reported does not receive the disadvantageous handling.

Person whom we can report

  1. City officials
  2. Part-time service temporary worker, part-time job
  3. Worker who is dispatched by dispatch contract
  4. Worker who offers the labor by business engagements such as trust
  5. Person who engages in administrative task of facility of city in public facility which designated manager manages and runs

※We can report the staff (the staff who retired) who corresponded by 1-5 after the Retirement.

Act that is targeted for report

Act to have been able to know the staff in accomplishment of in duties or desk work business of Motoichi, and to advocate next

  1. Act to violate laws and ordinances or act with the fear
  2. Citizen's life, body, act to cause serious damage to property or other profit or act with the fear
  3. In addition, there is a threat that or thing which makes lose citizen's profit of Motoichi by unfair act to affect desk work business of Motoichi or causes remarkable damage to Motoichi

The administration situation of 2 systems

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