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About designated manager system of Yokohama City Univ. Zoo

Last update date April 9, 2019

We introduce designated manager system in Yokohama-shi and we manage zoo and run. For the purpose of securing of appropriate execution of designated manager and instruction upbringing of designated manager, we carry out business evaluation every year. We arrange designated manager choice evaluation committee meeting in business evaluation and carry out.

About designated manager choice evaluation committees such as 1 Yokohama-shi Zoo

We install based on rule of Yokohama-shi Zoo regulations (March, 1988 Yokohama-shi regulations 11) Article 6 Paragraph 1.
Committee discusses investigation about evaluations that administrative tasks such as the choice of designated managers such as zoos, zoo by designated manager require.

(1) News of 2018 committee holding

The news (PDF: 47KB) minutes (PDF: 111KB) of first Committee holding
The news (PDF: 91KB) minutes (PDF: 94KB) of second Committee holding
The news (PDF: 40KB) minutes (PDF: 167KB) of third Committee holding
The news (PDF: 40KB) minutes of fourth Committee holding
The news (PDF: 96KB) minutes of fifth Committee holding

(2) Committee list

(the order of the kana syllabary lower than honorific title abbreviation, chairperson)
  Full name Belonging The field
Chairperson Teruyuki Komiya

Mayor of former Ueno Zoological Gardens

Committee Kiyoko Asai

Licensed tax accountant corporation cherry tree combination accounting firm
Representative partner licensed tax accountant

Management, financial affairs
Committee Takenori Saito

Yokohama City University's emeritus professor

Business administration (urban management)

Committee Yoichi Sadotomo

Teikyo University of Science animal science subject lecturer
Representative from citizen ZOO network director

Museology (zoo)
Committee kanhi sachiko

Company or what representative
The cause natural environments research center seat of honor researcher

Wildlife, environmental education

(3) About past committee

About business evaluation of 2 Zoo-designated manager

About business report by 3 Zoo-designated manager

About the choice of designated manager of 4 Yokohama City Univ. Zoo

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