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Cowound friends

Last update date December 13, 2019

"Cowound friends" whom Yokohama-shi Policy Bureau cowound promotion room applies,
Private all of you are connected to city systematically and are structure promoting information sharing.
We send information about citizen cooperation that accepted each registrant.

Cowound friends
Registration condition
  1. Corporation, group to be interested in about cooperation with Yokohama-shi concretely
  2. It is interest, corporation, group with interest for citizen cooperation
  3. Have cowound promotion room and at least 1 degree vs. a talk.
  4. ※Principle individual is inapplicable. In the case of sole proprietor, please consult.
Service contents (information to send)
  1. What's New
  2. Idea offer information about the theme type cowound front desk
  3. Information to participation and event to place for citizen talks
  4. Individual calling, consultation (thing which does not lose equitableness is best) about cowound business depending on needs seeds such as city or each company
  5. Others, information about citizen cooperation
  6. Information sharing does content (point where is green item) that had you fill out seat for registration to the city part. (cowound promotion room carries out contact adjustment with private all of you)
Operational startApril, 2019
Information distribution dayWe decide to deliver at any time as needed.
Participation form
  1. After filling out seat for the lower part registration, please send to cowound promotion room by email if you would like to register.
  2. Cowound promotion room confirms whether you meet registration condition and informs of registration completion.
  3. When you wish to cancel change, registration of registration contents, please connect with cowound promotion room.
The use purpose of personal information
  1. Contents (point where is green item) which had you fill out seat for registration share in the city hall inside.
  2. Item in seat for registration shares yellow point only in the cowound promotion room.
  1. The use of service is free, but, about environment (facilities necessary for connection, communication expense) using E-mail, burdens registrant.
  2. When registered contact information cannot connect more than a fixed period of time, we may cancel registration regardless of intention of registrant.
  3. When we urgently perform check and maintenance, repair of system, service delays temporarily without notifying user beforehand or we may be stopped again by accident of disaster and communication line, other unavoidable circumstances. In addition, service delivers late, and we may not be delivered by circumstances such as carriers (cell-phone company).
  4. It prohibits information that it obtained by this service to do re-delivery on quotation, reproduction or business without permission.
  5. Yokohama-shi does not take any responsibility about or directly indirect loss, damage that occurred by the use of this service.
  6. Please note that I may decline registration by activity contents of company, group.
  7. In addition, please observe matter which manager establishes.
  8. About malfunction of delivery, please contact [email protected].
Process until operationCowound friends explanation material (PDF: 624KB)
  • "It is hard to say until "request for cooperation". Preparations for heart to become cowound friends are not done yet. But information such as sounding can register case wanting as "cowound friends B" (Before becoming a friend).
  • In that case, mention of the "cowound statement" "field that wish to cooperate" "YCAN (reporting to the city part) consent" and talks with cowound promotion room are unnecessary.
  • Registration condition, participation form is the same as "cowound friends". (as information to provide and content to call may be different, please understand beforehand.)

Registration application to "cowound friends" has you download seat for registration than the following button,

Please transmit thing which had you fill out to [email protected].

Sheet for registration (Excel: 62KB)

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (old Adobe Reader) is necessary to open file of Portable Document Format.
Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
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