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About cowound

Last update date March 20, 2019

Citizen needs and local problem to have make diversification complicatedly, and correspondence becomes difficult only in administration.
We share aim with many of you through interactive talks, and utilize each knowledge and know-how to have to the maximum,
We want to make new value together on the stage of this YOKOHAMA.

Figure of "cowound" that we aim at

Cowound promotion room company, NPO corporation, university, the local government Neighborhood Associations,
We repeat talks with various all of you including social movement group and create new value.

Conceptual diagram of cowound

Cowound of Yokohama begins with "talks"

Conceptual diagram of cowound
The cowound front desk
As window which receives consultation, suggestion about citizen cooperation from all of the private business people, we establish "the cowound front". Cowound promotion room becomes all of you and contact with each city hall department, and suggestion that we had performs examination and adjustment for realization.

Conceptual diagram of cowound
Cowound opening forum
Person of administrative going on the platform talks with private enterprise about social problem and, as place finding new idea and solution, carries out on 1-2 times, several hundred scales in year. In addition, it becomes place making approach of citizen cooperation of Yokohama-shi known to everyone widely.

Conceptual diagram of cowound
Cowound laboratory living laboratory
It is place of talks with a small number of people to take the place at the table, and to give ideas while being equal and independent, and arguing that administration has the same as all of company, university, the NPO. With different viewpoint and sense of values, we find solution by sharing concrete problem.

Conceptual diagram of cowound
Sounding investigation
About inflection of public existence assets of Yokohama-shi, we grasp having idea and marketability or not of private business person by talks by open call for participants at stage of business examination. In addition, we grasp setting of open call for participants condition that it is easy to enter and by conveying local problem and consideration matter beforehand, promote superior suggestion.

As base of citizen cooperation promotion

Private enterprise and administration deepen understanding about each other's recognition to push forward approach of cowound, and it is important to communalize aim of cowound.
Therefore we devise "guideline of cowound promotion" as thing to share with private enterprise in administration and will go as foundation of citizen cooperation.
City is aware of administrative mission to create new value to lead to improvement of citizen satisfaction,
With recognition taking the final responsibility on about offer of necessary service for citizen, we apply this guideline.

For the making of new community due to guideline ... cowound of cowound promotion ... (PDF: 1,249KB)

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