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About minimum wages

Last update date October 1, 2019

Do you follow minimum wages?

Kanagawa minimum wages (minimum wages according to area) are applied to all workers including common use, temporariness, part parttimer working in the prefecture.
User must pay wages amount of these minimum wages or more to worker.

Kanagawa minimum wages time sum: 1,011 yen [the effect occurrence date: on October 1, 2019]

In addition, about paint manufacturing industry, the steel industry, 7 types of industry including car retail business, minimum wages according to industry are set. (we compare minimum wages according to area and minimum wages according to industry, and forehead of high person is applied.)
For details, please refer to department of Kanagawa labor bureau labor standards wage room (telephone 045-211-7354) or nearest the Labor Standards Inspection Office. (you can look at on Kanagawa labor bureau homepage)

Kanagawa labor bureau homepage: Announcement of minimum wages (the outside site)

: Kanagawa minimum wages synthesis consultation support center (the outside site) (is consultation counter of medium and small-sized business business owners affected by minimum wages increase)

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