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Labor consultation (next consultation counter establishment day is June 26) for "patients with cancer"

Targeting at person who can receive cancer treatment and which we received, the again families, social insurance consultant who is the insurance and labor-affiliated expert is consulted about job and coexistence of treatment and touches.

Last update date June 10, 2020

Consultation counter establishment day

From 13:00 of every month fourth Friday (excluded for holiday, New Year holidays) to 17:00
(only July, 2020 becomes conduct on third Friday)
Please refer to Yokohama work support center (the outside site) for the details.


Patients with cancer (including after treatment) of the city residence, working, attendance at school and the family

Consultation method

Consultation (advance reservations system) by interview

Consultation with telephone

  • Please call on the consultation counter establishment day mentioned above. (please play whether you have to wait when counselor is having a talk again.)
  • Phone number is 045-681-6512

Consultation contents

  • Rest continues for treatment and is afraid whether you are not discharged
  • We want to know treatment or insurance, benefit that we can use on lay-offing temporarily
  • We want to balance treatment with work, but do not know how system of company is available
  • We want to talk with personnel affairs, the labor person in charge, but how should we talk?

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