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Abolished recycling business of plastic

Last update date March 13, 2019

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Abolished plastic recycling plant in country metro Cebu, Philippines

We pushed forward investigation, proof business (JICA business), and, in gun (Yokohama-shi), open did abolished recycling plan boku of plastic item in cooperation with Yokohama-shi in May, 2017 from 2012. With the plant, we make abolished plastic which we collected furafu fuel and supply as fuel to santonica bokukaishato.
We recycle mainly on industrial waste carried in by factory, but by accepting plastic of household garbage which citizen separates and exhausted, inning is suggesting system construction of the field local government to reduction of quantity of done garbage in landfill now in cooperation with contribution dekirutotokara, Yokohama-shi.

Video about abolished recycling of plastic

The appearance of facility
The facility appearance

The facility inside
Facility inside (1)

The inside of facility
Facility inside (2)

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