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Promotion fund

Last update date March 4, 2019

Target financing

(the city business history includes toward under one year) that we continue equivalence business more than one year and run

Purpose for funds

Operating funds and funds for equipment


Promotion fund
AccommodationsLess than 200 million yen (but in the cooperatives less than 400 million yen)
The rate of interest (annual interest)

We shall be able to choose from fixed interest or variable rate.
Fixed interest: Less than 1.5% of less than one year
Less than 2.0% of less than three years more than one year
Less than 2.2% of less than five years more than three years
Less than 2.3% of less than seven years more than five years
Less than 2.5% more than seven years
Variable rate: Less than +0.7% of short-term prime rate (※ 1)

Financing periodOperating funds: Less than seven years funds for equipment: Less than 15 years
(including deferment less than six months)
SecurityWe put security as needed
Guarantee rate0.45-1.90%

(※ 1) The prime rate is the most preferential interest rate when financial institution furnishes with less than one year and is different for a short term for each financial institution.
As for the application documents, please see page of application documents, style.

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