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Small-scale company fund raising stability support fund

Last update date April 1, 2020

Target financing

Person from small-scale company satisfying all next important matters
Person who performs financial statements (final income tax return) 1 first or more
Person who does not relax return by condition changes about 2 existing debts
Person who includes the ordinary profit not insolvency by 3 <corporation> latest financial statements
  <sole proprietor> Person with 2 million yen or more amount of report income in the latest final income tax return  

※Person from small-scale company: Person who is younger than 20 employees (commerce, service industry corrects five people among service industries as for accommodation business and the entertainment business 20)
※When we meet requirements of 1-3 mentioned above, use of continuation is possible by update
※When we do not meet 3 requirements mentioned above, at the time of update of 1.2 times of eyes, we can update
※It is necessary not to use short-term continuation financing with guarantee of association of this fund and credit guarantee (including association of credit guarantee except Yokohama-shi) at the time of application

Purpose for funds

Operating funds


Small-scale company fund raising stability support fund
AccommodationsLess than 20 million yen (less than 2 times of mean monthly turnover in the but latest financial statements)
The rate of interest (annual interest)

The predetermined rate of interest of the handling financial institution

Financing period

Operating funds: Less than one year (collective return) 

SecurityWe put security as needed
Guarantee rate

The first time: 0.175-0.900% (1/2 furtherance)
After the second: 0.35-1.80%
※There is no guarantee charges furtherance in the guarantee charges furtherance after the second only at first once
※Guarantee rate is rate after guarantee charges discount application by association of Yokohama-shi credit guarantee

As for the application documents, please see page of application documents, style.

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