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Growth support cooperation fund

Last update date April 1, 2019

Target financing

That it is or more for business history five years to receive detailer financing (※ 1) with this fund for business expansion from the handling financial institution, and to correspond to requirements of all next
The handling financial institution of 1 application is higher 3 financial institution (※ 2), and there are credit transactions (※ 3) more than one year.
Receive detailer financing of more than 30% of amounts of money of two funds at the same time.
※We say and, with 1 "detailer financing", do financial institution's original loan not to post guarantee of association of credit guarantee with this fund and equivalence condition about return method, loan format, joint surety and security during financing period.
※It is decided that financing balance composition ratio at the time of the latest financial statements is financial institution within the higher third place with 2 "high rank 3 financial institution".
※With 3 "credit transactions", it is decided that there is the balance of deed loan, loan on bill, overdrawn account at the time of application.

Purpose for funds

Operating funds and funds for equipment (refinancing fund is excluded.)


Growth support cooperation fund
AccommodationsLess than 280 million yen
(we can use to 130 million yen without security)
The rate of interest (annual interest)The predetermined rate of interest of the handling financial institution
Financing periodOperating funds: Less than seven years funds for equipment: Less than 15 years
(including within deferment December)
SecurityWe put security as needed
Guarantee rate0.3375-1.4250% (we support accommodations 50 million yen 1/4 in the upper limit)

As for the application documents, please see page of application documents, style.

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