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Economic change-response fund (new coronavirus)

Last update date June 8, 2020

Target financing

Under the influence of new coronavirus, past monthly net sales amount or sales amount gross profit rate is three years decreasing more than 5% in comparison with the same month in either year recently

※One month is the previous month of application month or the month before last recently.
※Please examine the use of "management stability fund" when genshofuku is less than 5%.
※About thing made among lease contracts to exchange with financial institution when we use this fund by January 31, 2021,
 The stamp duty becomes tax-free. In addition, receive return of amount of money equivalent to the paid stamp amount of a tax when you have already paid the stamp duty
 But, we can do it. For details, please ask the nearest tax office.

Purpose for funds

Operating funds and funds for equipment


Economic change-response fund (new coronavirus)
AccommodationsLess than 80 million yen
The rate of interest (annual interest)

Less than 0.9% of less than one year
Less than 1.2% of less than three years more than one year
Less than 1.4% of less than five years more than three years
Less than 1.6% more than five years

Financing periodLess than ten years
(including deferment less than 12 months)
SecurityWe put security as needed
Guarantee rate

※ Burden rate (as for the furtherance and the discount in accommodations 50 million yen share the upper limit) after carrying out a 0.1% discount of association of 1/4 furtherance of Yokohama-shi and Yokohama-shi credit guarantee about 0.45-1.90% of normal guarantee rate

As for the application documents, please see page of application documents, style.

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