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Support fund for women

Last update date April 1, 2020

Target financing

Woman corresponding to any of the following

  1. Person (limited to person who does not run business now) who corresponds to any of the following in founded from now on
     (1) Person who starts personal business in the city within one month
     (2) Person who establishes company in the city within two months, and starts business
     *As for the specific founding support project (※) which caught proof of having received support, it is at less than six months.
  2. Person (limited to the business who does not run other business at the time of start concerned) who corresponds to any of the following in that has been already founded
     (1) Where we start personal business and are within five years
     (2) Where we establish company and are within five years
     (3) In that established company in the same business after having started personal business and that it is within for five years after we start individual business
     *About 2(3) mentioned above, we become a target of responsibility joint ownership system.
  3. (the city newly while continuing business in the city in company including establishment (company split-up) to do) within five years in company had establishment (company split-up) of newly by company continuing business from day of establishment

*NPO corporation is inapplicable
(※) We call business of founding support to perform continuously specific founding support project for the purpose of the knowledge acquisition such as management, financial affairs, personnel training of the founder, market reclamation.
For more details, please see page of "business plans such as Yokohama-shi founding support".

Purpose for funds

Operating funds and funds for equipment


Support fund for women
AccommodationsLess than 35 million yen
But we assume total amount of money with founding support fund and senior support fund.
In addition, we do 15 million yen with guarantee limit when 20 million yen, founding utilize allied guarantee when they utilize founding-related guarantee of association of city guarantee. (possible combination)
In addition, we need accommodations and self fund of the same amount affecting the guarantee when founding uses allied guarantee about financing eligible people 1.
The rate of interest (annual interest)Less than 1.9% (in person who received support of support project (※) founded in identification, the of finalist of Yokohama business Grand Prix less than 1.5% a year)
Financing periodLess than ten years
(including deferment less than 12 months)
SecurityAs a general rule, it is unnecessary
Guarantee rate0.2% (3/4 furtherance)
Person who uses association of Yokohama-shi credit guarantee for the first time 0.00% (there is no guarantee charges burden)

Person who received support of "specific founding support project" needs attachment of "certificate" (copying) which the municipalities issue.
*Guarantee rate is burden rate after Yokohama-shi supported guarantee charges. We list representative guarantee rate, and different rate may be applied depending on the situation of customer.
*Of "there is no guarantee charges burden" in person corresponding to 2(3) is excluded.

※The use of this fund needs making of, plan (city style). We are consulted in development of plan at Yokohama corporate management support foundation (the outside site).
As for the application documents, please see page of application documents, style.

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