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Fund (we add decrease type, decision outside the standard of 15% of sales or more) urgently special new coronavirus infectious disease

Last update date November 1, 2020

Implementation period

Having guarantee application receptionist by association of Yokohama-shi credit guarantee of Friday, October 30, 2020, it became the end.

Target financing

Person (by receiving authorization of crisis-related guarantee, can receive guarantee of decision outside the standard of with general guarantee and safety net guarantee) who received authorization (authorization of crisis-related guarantee) based on regulations of medium and small-sized business credit insurance method Article 2 Paragraph 6 about influence of new coronavirus infectious disease

※Main authorized requirements of crisis-related guarantee
 Monthly sales amount decreases more than 15% from a year earlier recently and, due to new coronavirus infectious disease, includes the next two months
 Being anticipated that sales amount for 3 months decreases from the year before more than 15%.
※About authorization based on crisis-related guarantee, please see the following pages. 
 About "authorization for crisis-related guarantee"

※About thing made among lease contracts to exchange with financial institution when we use this fund by January 31, 2021,
 The stamp duty becomes tax-free. In addition, receive return of amount of money equivalent to the paid stamp amount of a tax when you have already paid the stamp duty
 But, we can do it. For details, please ask the nearest tax office.
 Reference about certification application: 045-662-8931
 Reference about system financing: 045-671-2592  

Purpose for funds

Operating funds and funds for equipment (as for the refinancing, possible)


Fund (we add decrease type, decision outside the standard of 15% of sales or more) urgently special new coronavirus infectious disease

2 oku less than 80 million yen (decision outside the standard of) 

※General guarantee and safety net guarantee are decisions outside the standard of,
 Safety net guarantee, disaster-related guarantee (thing concerned with the Great East Japan Earthquake is best),
 Great East Japan Earthquake revival emergency guarantee and less than 560 million yen in total
※In the case of refinancing, purpose for funds may not become decision outside the standard of by limitation in credit guarantee system. (note)

(note) when, from fund utilizing guarantor targeted for responsibility joint ownership system, refinance to this fund,
  We cannot utilize crisis-related guarantee to be out of responsibility joint ownership system. 
 (example: Refinancing from general guarantee to crisis-related guarantee) 

 In this case, in substitution for submission of authorized book of crisis-related guarantee guarantee, submission of "qualification report" of following Motoichi predetermined style is necessary. "Qualification report" (word: 42KB) (this style is not authorized application becoming decision outside the standard of.)
Person needing authorization look at "about authorization for crisis-related guarantee".

The rate of interest (annual interest)

Less than 0.8% of less than one year
Less than 1.2% of less than three years more than one year
Less than 1.4% of less than five years more than three years
Less than 1.6% of less than ten years more than five years

Financing periodOperating funds: Less than ten years funds for equipment: Less than ten years
(including deferment less than 24 months)
SecurityWe put security as needed
Guarantee rate

Yokohama-shi supports in full

As for the application documents, please see page of application documents, style.

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